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Technical Tidbits 7/22: Yellow Jacket Basketball Recruiting Update

What have Josh Pastner & co. been up to?

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Geoff Collins and the rest of the football coaching staff are getting the most attention in regards to recruiting at the moment. Everyone wants to know who the next addition to the class of 2021 will be. That does not mean that Josh Pastner & co. are not working hard to bring a great class to the Georgia Tech basketball team. Even though they lost top target Matthew Cleveland to Florida State, the staff is still optimistic about a number of recruits. The article above details the current situation on the basketball recruiting trail and how things look going forward for the Jackets.

To continue FTRS’ “Recruiting Class Revisited” series, Robert Binion took a look at the class of 2018 and their impact so far on the Flats. This was former coach Paul Johnson’s final full class with the Jackets, and he gave us some great, high impact players, and some not-so-good players. Robert has re-rated all of the players from the class, taking into account their play so far and their potential in the years to come. Even with many role players, the class has some gems in Charlie Thomas and Juanyeh Thomas. I look forward to seeing how the class performs in the upcoming season!

While Lenny Horton was not the first African-American to play for the Georgia Tech basketball team, he was the first to have major success. Horton played at Tech from 1976-1980 and was one of the best players on the squad in all four of his seasons. Horton averaged over twelve points and six rebounds per game during his college career, even getting drafted by the Seattle Supersonics but never playing. Instead, after one season with a professional team in Canada, Horton went back home to New Jersey. After substitute teaching for a time there, the former Jacket became a probation officer. As a probation officer, Horton did his best to make a positive impact upon many young people in his long career. Thank you, Lenny!

The PGA TOUR has had a few COVID-19 scares, but has been able to manage the spread of the virus and continue play for over a month. U.S. Amateur champ Andy Ogletree got to play in three events in the return to golf on sponser’s exemptions, unfortunately missing the cut in all three. Hopefully, Ogletree will be able to find what worked last year at Pinehurst and turn that into success at this year’s Western Amateur tournament and the U.S. Amateur. Updates on other former Jackets on professional tours can be found above.

If you’re reading this before 8:45 a.m. today, go watch Georgia Tech WR Jalen Camp with Mark Packer and Wes Durham on the ACC Network! It should be a great interview!

Question of the Day: What do you think about the Georgia Tech basketball team’s recruiting efforts so far?