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Technical Tidbits 6/9: Tech’s Football Schedule Considered A Tough One

The Yellow Jackets have one of the toughest schedules ahead of them this season.

Get them turnovers Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s looking more and more like football season will be a reality, though it’s hard to say what can happen at any moment. Hopefully though there will be regular season activities on the Flats. Regardless though, that won’t change the fact that this will be a difficult season as this article points out. According to the article, Tom Fornelli recently released ACC Strength of Schedule Rankings has Tech ranked first in the ACC. That’s to say, Tech has the most difficult schedule of all ACC teams (the sixth most difficult among all national teams). Anyone willing to make early predictions as to how the Yellow Jackets will finish off the season? I’m going with 5-7.

Weird. The article is about the football season’s opening week, but they show pictures of the school’s basketball teams. Anyway, Michigan Wolverines vs. Washington Huskies? Ok, I guess if there’s nothing else going on at that time I’ll check that game out. However, the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. USC Trojans will certainly be of intrigue. How will Nick Saban and his team handle last season’s disappointing finish? Regardless, Tech hosting Clemson will surely have all of my interest and will be a game I won’t miss. An upset at home would be a very nice start to the season. #GoJackets

Well, as even more evidence that things in the sports worlds are inching towards normalcy, many Georgia Tech athletic teams will be returning for workouts. As the article mentions, this will be voluntary and under the supervision of the team’s strength coaches. The article mentions that men’s basketball strength and conditioning coach Dan Taylor plans for a moderate initial workout phase. Ideally, in the past few weeks, GT athletes have found ways to get some form of workout, but it’s certainly not the same as being in the school’s facilities. So a moderate initial workout phase makes a lot of sense.

Tech tweet of the day:

A beautiful photo of a wonderful place!