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Technical Tidbits 6/25: Predictions For 2020 Season

Tech predicted to finish last in ACC Coastal Division.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Georgia at Georgia Tech Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Prediction articles are hard to pass up on. This one definitely caught my attention and I mostly agree with the major points that it makes. It’s probably no surprise that Tech is picked to end last in the ACC Coastal Division. It’s likely to happen but I wouldn’t rule out Tech doing better than that. A surprise win here or there due to a better than expected offense or an overperforming defense should not be ruled out. While the Yellow Jackets will likely be the underdogs in most if not all of their games, my personal prediction is that that will actually play to their advantage. Certainly more so than it did last season.

Eight pitchers several photos. You can relive the 2020 softball season with a look back at the photos from this article. Speaking of which, what’s your favorite memory from the last softball season?

This article features a video interview with Tech associate head basketball coach Eric Reveno and rising senior Malachi Rice. There’s a lot of social activity and awareness among the Tech staff which is encouraging to read about (or watch). As mentioned in the video, the initiative of Reveno and Rice to push for the mandatory election day holiday seems to be catching on.

Yup, the article mentions the “F” word that we are hearing a lot of now due to the side-effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Furlough, and now at Tech. You hate to hear it but it’s almost inevitable. If ticket sales and ultimately attendance really drop as much as predicted, then something like this has to be expected. Those are just part of the many factors that will affect the athletic department this season. Hopefully they sort it out and things work out for the best for all the people affected.