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Technical Tidbits 6/22: Baron Radcliff Signs with the Philadephia Phillies

One of two drafted Jackets to sign a contract.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

It was not surprising to see Baron Radcliff selected in the recent MLB Draft. Radcliff was taken by the Philadelphia Phillies and quickly signed with the organization for well below his pick’s slot value. That could be due to a variety of reasons, but at least he’s under contract and ready to play ball. Hopefully, Michael Guldberg will put pen to paper with the Athletics soon.

Unfortunately, not many Tech fans know much about Harvey Webb. The first African-American basketball player for the Jackets, Webb played on the freshman team during the 1967-68 season. The article above was written in 2017, but is a timeless piece that details a big part of the Tech basketball program’s history. While Webb hasn’t sought out fame for his accomplishment, he helped pave the way for equality on the basketball court in the years following his play.

Even though the 2019-20 college basketball season did not end up meaning much, it was nice to see the Tech basketball team finish above .500 in ACC play (for the first time since 2003-04). One special win during the recent season was in Atlanta against Clemson. It was the fifth victory of a seven game win home win streak, with Jose Alvarado putting on a 19 point performance. It’s a shame that this team never got a chance to prove their abilities in the postseason. On to next season.

Newspapers around the nation are dying, and that includes the agate sections that all sports pages have. This is upsetting to “Voice of the Yellow Jackets” Andy Demetra, who penned a nice article about the importance of the agate print to his love for sports. As a child, Demetra always enjoyed reading the agate scores from every college football game in the nation (D1 to NAIA) on Sunday mornings in the Chicago Tribune. I feel the same way as Demetra about the gradual loss of the agate sections. It’s extremely satisfying to get all scores and transactions in the sports world in a compact format.

This is a good tweet to see.

Question of the Day: Who do you think the next person to commit will be?