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Technical Tidbits 6/17: Another Yellow Jacket Joins Phillies

Hughes signs as undrafted free agent.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAR 01 Georgia at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It seems there will be another Yellow Jacket in Philly. Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket redshirt senior Jonathan Hughes joins Baron Radcliff as one of the newest members of the Philadelphia Phillies. Hughes signed with the team as an undrafted free agent, as mentioned in the article. Hughes spent five seasons with the Yellow Jackets and will now be joining the ranks of former Tech players to make it to the Major League. Congratulations to him and the other Tech players.

Some plays aren’t worth remembering, others are meant to be watched over and over. They live on in highlight reels long after a season has passed. This is one dunk worth reliving. James Banks III memorable slam dunk that occurred during the Yellow Jackets season opener against the North Carolina State Wolfpack is a perfect highlight from the 2019-20 season..

There are no videos in this article, but there are pictures of Tech’s softball team’s catchers recapture some memories from the 2020 softball season. The pictures feature Yellow Jacket catchers Emma Kauf, Bianca Mora and Isabella Many.

Couldn’t agree more!

As the article mentions, the Yellow Jackets just might have a pretty solid receiving core. It would be a major leap for the team considering passing and receiving were never figured into the team’s recruiting before Geoff Collins and his staff came along and installed a new, pro style offense. This article focuses on Marquez Ezzard as one of the Yellow Jacket’s potential breakout players. Those times when Tech did pass the ball — often for big completion plays — were quite memorable. If anything, I’d say the passing game could be a source of a lot more excitement in the season ahead.