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Technical Tidbits 6/16: Looking Ahead To Football Season

Who’s considered among some of Tech’s NFL prospects?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This was a fun article with an interesting take on some of the football team’s talented players. It focuses on and ranks some of Tech’s potential NFL draft prospects. There’s a lot of talent on the squad and if things work out right, I could definitely see some of this year’s upperclassmen being drafted in next year’s draft. For that to happen, it’s not necessary for Tech to have a strong showing, but it could help put forward a good argument, particularly for the defensive prospects on the team.

When you look back at Joshua Nesbitt’s freshman season and that class a lot of talented names and memorable wins come to mind. The article focuses on Nesbitt’s life after football but also helps Tech fans relive some of the good memories. His freshman season coincided with Paul Johnson’s first season as the head coach of the Yellow Jackets and their impressive finish; including a thrilling 45-42 victory over u[sic]GA.

Speaking of legends from the Flats, this article focuses on one of Tech’s legendary golfers. Tommy Barnes was a golf captain at Tech back in the late 1930s. He had quite a prolific amateur career winning several titles as mentioned in the article. He also played an important role in the Atlanta golf scene serving as president of the Atlanta Golf Association and director of the Georgia State Golf Association.

Well this article is supposed to be focused on Georgia and their opponents; of course, that means Georgia Tech will have to be featured. So I thought I’d include this article as it sheds light on what’s considered some of Tech’s “offseason storylines”. There’s some pretty interesting takes here and in many ways accurate too. I think the offensive overhaul will likely continue to be a factor into how head coach Geoff Collins’ second season turns out. But as the article mentions, there has certainly been some improvements; with transfers and recruiting, the offensive line should be a key factor as well.