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Technical Tidbits 6/10: Artificial Turf Returns

After more than a quarter of century, artificial turf is back.

Emmett Merchant

This was an interesting headline that caught my eye. Bobby Dodd Stadium will return to using an artificial playing surface later this summer. Late in July, Grant Field will be refitted with “state-of-the-art Legion NXT turf system with Geofill infill”, as the article says. The return to an artificial surface should make Bobby Dodd Stadium more accessible year round and a choice venue for more events. Some of my most vivid memories of Grant Field are those from the days when it featured artificial turf, particularly the early 90’s. Aside from the LED lighting system, this will be another upgrade that I’m excited for. The home opener against Clemson on September 3rd should feature a whole new look for the stadium.

We’re all anxious for the sporting world to return to its normal routines and apparently so are the coaches, particularly Yellow Jackets basketball head coach Josh Pastner. He’s pushing other ACC coaches to support a return to the courts by July. It would be phased in and by August the hope is to have full team workouts. Tech’s basketball team will be an older and more experienced team. Having as much time as possible for them to train and workout before the season starts would be ideal.

It’s that time of the year where the writers at FTRS look at some of Tech’s impact players as part of the Five Impact Players series. One of those to make the list this year is wide receiver Ahmarean Brown. As the article points out, Brown had quite the season last year and all in his freshman season. It will be exciting to see what he does in his sophomore season — he could easily become a Tech legend.

There’s some games that are just worth reliving. Calvin Johnson’s breakout performance against the Clemson Tigers on September 11, 2004 is certainly one of those. The ACC Network re-aired the original ABC broadcast last night. What is a classic Tech game you would like to see re-aired and what was special about that game for you?