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Technical Tidbits 5/8: Georgia Tech Strikes Out on Transfer Targets

Sarr to Kentucky and Perez to Marquette

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Pastner & co. have missed out on the two potential transfer options that I wrote about in Monday’s Tidbits. Olivier Sarr, a big man from Wake Forest, announced that he was heading to Kentucky on Wednesday. Sarr was the biggest transfer on the market, and so it’s not too surprising he went to a blue-blood school. The bad news continued on Thursday, with former Gardner-Webb guard Jose Perez announcing his move to Marquette. It’s looking like Tech will not be taking in a third transfer this season, and will go into the year with five new faces.

Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Geoff Collins has made branding a key priority during his short time with the Jackets. As a demonstration of that priority, the football team recently inked partnerships with branding firm J1S and personal branding expert Jeremy Darlow. J1S will be used to help further develop Tech’s brand around the city of Atlanta, with a “4the404” marketing campaign in development. Darlow’s goal is to teach individual players how to take advantage of their profile as college athletes and build personal brands. I’m really looking forward to the results of these important partnerships.

Tyler Davis didn’t have the best senior season at Georgia Tech, but his work ethic and leadership abilities (along with his play at UCONN), led the Jacksonville Jaguars to select him in the sixth round of the recent NFL Draft. Our own site manager Ben Tankersley gave SB Nation’s Jaguars website a look at what to expect from Davis. I would be surprised if Davis didn’t make the roster, considering that the tight end spot (and the rest of the roster) is pretty weak for the Jaguars.

Georgia Tech fans might remember RB Rashaun Grant from the Chan Gailey days. Grant had an injury-filled career on the Flats, and due to tragic circumstances during his senior year he was unable to officially graduate from the Institute. Grant had only a few credit hours left, and after putting off taking classes to fulfill his degree requirements for over ten years, is finally able to say he “got out.” COVID-19 didn’t even get in the way (well, it got in the way a little).

At some point in the near future Georgia Tech will be getting its sixth commitment for the 2021 recruiting class. No one on staff has any idea as to who it will be, so we’re looking forward to a nice surprise.

Question of the Day: Who do you think the commit will be?