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Mailbag 4/8

We talk quarantine life!

Georgia Tech v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I saw an article during football season where players from each team we’re survived. Collins was praised for being one of the most honest and trusted coaches in football. I can’t find this article, are you aware of it, do you know who provided it, if so do they do this annually?

Ben: I went looking for this article and couldn’t find what you were talking about.

Carter: //laughs awkwardly, stares at the ground

Levi: I didn’t see the article but I’m not sure that’s true. He may be the most transparent but he’s been involved in some programs that have overrecruited and slyly cut players without “cutting” them. See Medical scholarships at Alabama/Florida.

Nishant: Going against the grain slightly, but I have a feeling this article was probably based on player perspectives, and Collins does seem like a guy whose players would love him. Also it’s worth noting that he’s dealt with two tragic losses in the past 15 months, and by all accounts he’s kept his locker room together and has looked after his guys. His long-term success on the field may be up in the air, but he’s doing plenty of things right off the field.

What’s been the go-to drink of choice during the lockdown?

Ben: Coffee. It’s what I normally drink anyway.

Carter: Beer. So, same as normal. I am drinking a lot more water at my home “office” than usual, though.

Akshay: Coffee, chai, and good ole H2O.

Jake: First half of the week? Ginger ale. Second half? Drop the ginger part. Jokes aside, an English breakfast tea is also a great way to start the day.

Jeff: I drink a lot of sweet tea. Other than water and an occasional coke.

Chris: Coffee and water are my regulars but being at home has allowed me to actually use my loose-leaf tea, so I’ve been drinking a ton of that.

Levi: George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, No. 12

Nishant: What Akshay said, but swap coffee with the occasional ginger ale.

Jake P.: Throughout the day, ice water in a Masters insulated cup. In the mornings, a glass of orange juice with breakfast.

What do you wish you had stocked up more on, food- or drink-wise?

Ben: Honestly, I feel like I’ve stocked up pretty well. I haven’t really run low on much, thankfully.

Jake: Smartest thing I did? Re-up my gum stash. Keeps me from snacking as much.

Jeff: For myself, my store seems to keep everything I usually eat in stock. However, my two year old eats bananas faster than a monkey and the store keeps running out of them.

Chris: Beer, and I’m actually serious. My office has taps and usually my friends and I would grab a beer after work, and we’ve been keeping that tradition up over Google Meet. However, I am now out of beer and since I have to walk to the grocery store it’s typically not on my priority list of things I have room to carry.

Carter: .....I really don’t have enough beer. Thankfully Hop City has curbside pick-up.

Levi: My grocery store has everything these days. The only thing I keep running out of is chips. But that’s because I eat them so much. My store even has TP.

Jake P.: Most of the stores in my area have kept everything in stock, so I’ve been fine so far. Although, I would like some more salad mix.

What’s the first restaurant you want to go to when this is all over?

Ben: I’m going to keep supporting my local restaurants! Specifically, my girlfriend and I are talking about having a date night at this place, appropriately named The Place.

Carter: We’ve been picking up food from local restaurants when we’d normally go out, so the first place we’re going is a place that’s had to close up while this is going on: Victory Sandwich Bar. (And SOS behind it!)

Akshay: Cypress (again, not a sponsor). But in seriousness, there’s a lot of nice little restaurants near where I’m riding this out that I would love to patronize again.

Jeff: Two Urban Licks, it's my wife’s favorite place to eat for her birthday and we missed going to it this year.

Chris: There’s a place near me in Boston called Dillon’s that has a lovely patio. I’d gonna say there because the weather will be nice by the time we get out and it would be amazing to enjoy a nice meal outdoors with friends.

Levi: There’s a great pub in Downtown Chicago called Monk’s that I really love. Nice atmosphere (Picture old timey pub with lots of German knicknacks). Great burgers and beers. Always get cheese curds.

Nishant: Ben, since you’re over in Athens, don’t forget to support some of the town’s most iconic local joints, including McDonald’s, Papa John’s, and Subway. As for my answer, there’s a rooftop bar in downtown LA and a more local spot that had to close up shop recently, so I’m looking forward to those opening back up.

Jake P.: My favorite Italian restaurant in the world is Mona Lisa, and I’ve been craving their steak (I know, real Italian right?). I’ve also had a hankering for UMI Japanese Fine Dining sushi throughout the quarantine period.

Would you rather have a shortened season for CFB (I saw somewhere nine conference-only games) or would you rather split the season with it finishing in the spring?

Ben: That’s a tough decision. I think ultimately, the NCAA needs to do what’s best for public health, and I don’t know which option that would be.

Akshay: I’m with Ben; we’ll have to see what the situation is once we get closer to the start of summer semesters and practices. If things continue down their current path, schools may force the NCAA’s hand on this one — some have already cancelled their summer classes or moved them entirely online.

Jake: If all the sports got pushed to spring that would be a hectic and wonderful payback for this drought we’re currently in.

Jeff: Probably the split as I am always in favor of more college football. Early spring is pretty nice in Georgia as well.

Chris: I think I’d go shortened season. A split season just feels so weird to me and I’m always resistant to change. I could definitely survive without us playing Gardner-Webb, and it feels like a shorter season would lead to higher stakes in each game. Problem is, most of the smaller schools P5’s play against get paid for it and they would be losing a ton of revenue, likely leading to some shut-down programs.

Carter: I don’t like the idea of splitting the season between fall and spring.... but I’m even more loath to giving up any home tailgates.

Levi: Shortened season. Just your division and championship game. Sorry Clempson and georgia. Can’t beat us by 50 this year.

Nishant: I think a shortened season is what I’d prefer and is more likely. It’s hard to imagine the Big Ten being on board with subjecting their kids to outdoor football games in January/February, though there’ll be pushback from those who are focused on maximizing revenue—led, perhaps, by Mike Gundy based on his comments today. And to echo what Chris said, I think the fallout from either scenario will unfortunately force a lot of small programs to fold. Power Five schools should be fine, but a lot of Group of Five schools will be hurt pretty badly, to say nothing of FCS, D-II, and D-III programs.

Jake P.: I’m a fan of the split season, mainly for the reason that it will help smaller-college athletic departments survive. Most of them, like Gardner-Webb or The Citadel depend on big games to stabilize their budgets. Without them and sports like basketball or baseball, you might see some athletic departments disappear.

Thoughts on the MLB proposal (Sequester all of the teams and staff in Arizona, test everyone regularly, and play fanless games at the D-Backs stadium and the Cactus League stadia.)?

Ben: Honestly, I think they should just wait until this is all over. Even with the constant testing, COVID-19 is contagious for two weeks before symptoms show up.

Akshay: Would not be surprised if it ends up being that the MLB leaked this idea to the press to get public feedback, which was...not positive in the slightest.

Jake: Pulling out my limited knowledge of both Phoenix in the summer and even retractable-roofed Chase Field, if I were the players, I’d take a hard pass on that.

Jeff: In that case just go to Kansas and play in empty cornfields...

Chris: I honestly thought it was a joke when I first read it. I don’t see how you could possibly do anything like this and have it be successful.

Levi: Love it. I don’t think that’s feasible for Arizona though. There will be weeks in summer they simply cannot play outside. It would have to be a city with multiple major league sized parks. Like Chicago or LA.

Nishant: If an Astros player bangs a trash can and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Anyway, it almost certainly wouldn’t work, but it’s a creative idea and at least feels more feasible than some of the other absurd proposals we’ve heard (like the one about moving CFB season up to the summer to “get ahead” of the virus before it has a resurgence in the fall).

Jake P.: If they can pull it off, I’m all for it. I just have no faith in the MLB pulling it off.

Whatcha gonna do with your $1,200 from Uncle Sugar?

Ben: Put that into some savings!

Jake: Rent? Lol. Especially if the pandemic rolls into my internship.


(Disclaimer: I am not qualified to tell you what to or what not to do with your money. This is not financial advice.)

Jeff: I get the benefit of my wife and dependents to squeeze out a bit more. I will probably use it for some home renovation as we are looking to sell while the getting is good.

Carter: Probably put half toward my mortgage and the other half toward charitable donations that I will then have my employer match.

Levi: Savings.

Jake P.: Savings or some sort of investment.