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FTRS Mock Draft 2020

It’s draft day, so let’s try to predict what’s going to happen!

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Happy draft day!! To celebrate, some of the staff got together and decided to do a two-round mock draft. You can see team assignments below. The only real rule we had was that if you tried to trade between two teams you control, it would have to be approved by everybody else to make sure all trades are fair.

Team Assignments:

Benjamin Tankersley: Las Vegas Raiders, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers

Leviticus Warner: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams

Jake Patterson: San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears

Kieffer Milligan: Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans

Ethan Kreager: Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills

Jeff Cramer: Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles

Nishant Prasadh: Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans

1. Cincinnati Bengals (Kieffer) - QB Joe Burrow | LSU


2. Washington Redskins (Leviticus) - EDGE Chase Young | Ohio State

Also, duh.

3. Detroit Lions (Ethan) - CB Jeff Okudah | Ohio State

As much as my Panther fandom wants him to fall to 7, he’s the third best player in this draft and the Lions snap him up early.

4. New York Giants (Ben) - S/LB Isaiah Simmons | Clemson

The Giants’ defense SUCKED last year, so let’s give them an incredibly athletic linebacker that will be an instant boost for them.

5. Miami Dolphins (Nishant) - QB Tua Tagovailoa | Alabama

Health is a question, but if Tua recovers as expected, he’s the clear No. 2 quarterback on the board behind Burrow—and if he needs any extra time to recover, they have Fitzmagic to hold down the fort.

6. Los Angeles Chargers (Nishant) - QB Justin Herbert | Oregon

It feels like there’s a gap between (healthy) Tua and Herbert, but there’s also a big gap between Herbert and the rest of the field, and San Diego needs a QB more than anything else.

7. New York Jets (Ethan) - TRADE!!! OT Tristan Wirfs | Iowa

Carolina trades this pick to the New York Jets for a 1st (11), 2nd (48), and a 6th (211).

The Jets have in Sam Darnold their franchise quarterback, but have failed to surround him with much talent. They move up to get a franchise OT here, a pick that will help them protect Darnold for years to come.

8. Atlanta Falcons (Leviticus) - TRADE!!! CB C.J. Henderson | Florida

Arizona trades this pick to the Atlanta Falcons for a 1st (16), a 3rd (78), a 4th (134) and a 2021 3rd.

A combine climber, CJ Henderson is “Fast and Physical” TM. With a 4.39 40 and pure man-to-man skill. He’s been linked to the Falcons over the past week and Dimitroff probably knows something we don’t. Failing to climb into top 5 for Okudah, the Falcons get a starting corner at 8.

Inserting obligatory Falcons comment, courtesy of Nishant:

FiRe DiMiTrOfF. fIrE hIm RiGhT nOw BeFoRe He CaN dO aNy MoRe DaMaGe. hAs He EvEn SeEn ThIs GuY pLaY? oR wAs He ToO bUsY wAtChInG bIg TeN tApE lIkE eVeRy OtHeR yEaR aNd JuSt PaNiCkEd AfTeR tHe KiD fRoM iOwA gOt TaKeN? eVeRy FaLcOnS fAn On ThE pLaNeT wAtChEd ThIs GuY iN oCtObEr AnD cHeErEd As He GeT tOrChEd By LaRrY cAgEr. ThAt ThE gUy YoU wAnT, tOmMy? SeRiOuSlY? yOu CoUlD’vE hAd AnDrEw ThOmAs HeRe To AnChOr ThE lInE fOr 10 YeArS. yOu CoUlD’vE pUt SwIfT aNd GuRlEy In ThE bAcKfIeLd ToGeThEr. ThEy WoUlD’vE rUn FoR 2500 yArDs. InStEaD wE gEt A tRaSh CoRnEr FrOm A tRaSh ScHoOl. FiRe HiM nOw.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (Jeffrey) - DT Derrick Brown | Auburn

The Jags interior defensive line has a hole that has as much space as their trophy case. Taking the top defensive line prospect at number 9 is a steal.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jake P.) - TRADE!!! OT Andrew Thomas | UGA

Cleveland trades this pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 1st (14), a 3rd (76), and a 4th (139).


11. Carolina Panthers (Kieffer) - DT Javon Kinlaw | South Carolina

New York trades this pick plus a 2nd (48) and a 6th (211) to the Carolina Panthers for a 1st (7).

The Panthers had one of the worst run defenses in the NFL last season, and let go of Dontari Poe during the offseason. The Panthers get an anchor for their struggling defense who can play up and down the line. By trading back, the Panthers also add picks to fill other holes around the defense.

12. Miami Dolphins (Nishant) - OT Mekhi Becton | Louisville

Las Vegas trades this pick plus a 3rd (80) to the Miami Dolphins for a 1st (18) and a 2nd (39).

The Dolphins came into this draft with a ton of capital, and they spend a chunk of it here to move up and get a monster lineman to protect their shiny new QB prospect. The 360-pound Becton likely ends up on the right side to accommodate the left-handed Tagovailoa, but he’s capable of playing either tackle spot. Reports sprung up recently that he failed a drug test at the combine, but drug concerns didn’t stop Miami from taking Laremy Tunsil a few years ago, and it won’t stop them here.

13. San Francisco 49ers (Jake P.) - WR Jerry Jeudy | Alabama

The departure of Emmanuel Sanders left a big hole in the 49ers’ receiving corps. Jeudy is a polished route runner who will pair well with Deebo Samuel for the next few years. Also, he went to an SEC school so he just means more.

14. Cleveland Browns (Kieffer) - OT Jedrick Wills | Alabama

Tampa Bay trades this pick plus a 3rd (76) and a 4th (139) to the Cleveland Browns for a 1st (10).

Mekhi Becton would have been a great fit here, but the Browns get the most polished OT in the draft to bolster their offensive line.

15. Denver Broncos (Jeffrey) - WR CeeDee Lamb | Oklahoma

Sutton is the only play maker for the Broncos so Denver added some help for sophomore QB Drew Lock with the burner from Oklahoma.

16. Arizona Cardinals (Jeffrey) - EDGE K’Lavon Chalsson | LSU

Atlanta trades this pick plus a 3rd (78), a 4th (134), and a 2021 3rd to the Arizona Cardinals for a 1st (8).

With most of the top OTs picked off the board the trade with the Falcons backfired and instead the Cardinals look to improve rushing the passer.

17. Dallas Cowboys (Jake P.) - WR Henry Ruggs III | Alabama

It’s true that the Cowboys have Amari Cooper on a long-term contract, but Ruggs was arguably the best player left in this mock draft and it was difficult to pass up a steal at 17.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (Ben) - WR Justin Jefferson | LSU

Miami trades this pick and a 2nd (39) to the Las Vegas Raiders for a 1st (12) and a third (80).

Mildly regretting a trade down right as a run on receivers started, the Raiders end up late to the party and take Jefferson. This gives Derek Carr a nice big target at receiver that can cause some major match-up problems.

19. New England Patriots (Leviticus) - EDGE A.J. Epenesa | Iowa

Las Vegas trades this pick to the New England Patriots for a 1st (23), a 4th (125), and offensive lineman Joseph Thuney.

New England gets their man. Heavily linked during the process. The wicked Pats trade up to select at the proper pick.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (Jeffrey) - QB Jacob Eason | Washington

The Jags reach early with a QB that was highly touted early in his career. It’s possible though that a few more QBs go before the Jags get to pick again. They are banking Eason can develop fast enough to unseat an average Minshew.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (Jeffrey) - LB Kenneth Murray | Oklahoma

The Eagles see Zeke and Saquon twice each from playing in the NFC East. A shutdown LB in Murray will help even the odds.

22. Minnesota Vikings (Ethan) - CB Kristian Fulton | LSU

With Xavier Rhodes falling off the last couple of years, Minnesota looks to pick up their stud CB of the future here.

23. Las Vegas Raiders (Ben) - LB Patrick Queen | LSU

New England trades this pick plus a 4th (125) and offensive lineman Joseph Thuney to the Las Vegas Raiders for a 1st (19).

The Raiders double dip from LSU in the first round and shore up the offensive line with the addition of Joe Thuney at guard. Queen adds a nice playmaker at linebacker that still has plenty of room to grow as a player. LSU has put some good linebackers into the NFL recently, and Queen is the next in line to do that.

24. New Orleans Saints (Nishant) - K Rodrigo Blankenship | UGA WR Tee Higgins | Clemson

The Saints give talented but raw Utah State QB Jordan Love a long look here, but with no second-round pick in this draft, they decide to spend their first-rounder on someone who can contribute right away and give Drew Brees another weapon on offense. (Still, I can dream that they’ll spend their first-rounder on Goggles... right?)

25. Minnesota Vikings (Ethan) - S Xavier McKinney | Alabama

After solidifying corner, Minnesota takes another defensive back to shore up a position of need, and heads into 2020 feeling much better about its secondary.

26. Miami Dolphins (Nishant) - EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos | Penn State

Miami’s front office turns their attention to defense and hits another need with arguably the best player available. The Dolphins were hoping McKinney would slide to this spot, but they’re happy to settle for Gross-Matos, one of the most tantalizing edge rushers in the draft.

27. Seattle Seahawks (Ben) - RB D’Andre Swift | UGA

Seattle missed on some of their other targets, so they go best player available that also adds some depth at running back. Chris Carson had a solid year, though he was a little hot and cold throughout the season.

28. Baltimore Ravens (Nishant) - LB Zack Baun | Wisconsin

Linebacker is far and away Baltimore’s biggest need, and they manage to snag a good one late in the first round. They’re fortunate too—there’s a very steep drop-off in LB talent in this class after Baun.

29. Tennessee Titans (Kieffer) - CB A.J. Terrell | Clemson

Austin Jackson was tempting here, but if Tennessee wants to get past Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, the pass defense needs an upgrade.

30. Green Bay Packers (Leviticus) - WR Brandon Aiyuk | Arizona

The Pack bolster their offense with an elusive target. Aiyuk is best after the catch and may wind up at slot behind All Pro Davante Adams and Devin Funchess... for now.

31. Los Angeles Chargers (Nishant) - TRADE!!! OT Josh Jones | Houston

San Francisco trades this pick to the Los Angeles Chargers for a 2nd (37), a 4th (112), and a 7th (220).

After shipping out Russell Okung a few weeks ago, the Chargers need a left tackle, particularly now that they have Justin Herbert in tow. With Jones sliding late into the first round, they’ll spend a couple Day 3 picks to move up and get their blind side protector.

32. New York Giants (Ben) - TRADE!!! OT Austin Jackson | USC

Kansas City trades this pick to the New York Giants for a 2nd (36), a 5th (150), and a 6th (183).

The Giants sneak back into the end of the first to shore up their offensive line with Austin Jackson, not sure that he would fall a few more picks to them in the second round. Daniel Jones was sacked 38 times last year, so they definitely needed help there.

33. Cincinnati Bengals (Kieffer) - WR Michael Pittman, Jr. | USC

It is my personal belief that teams that invest heavily in a future QB should follow up with a pick to support that investment. WR isn’t a need right now, but AJ Green is under contract for the next year and John Ross has not yet lived up to his draft position. With the mini run on OTs at the end of the first round. This was the best move

34. Indianapolis Colts (Ben) - WR Denzel Mims | Baylor

The Colts need another target outside of TY Hilton, and though they missed out on the top crop at receiver, they still get a high-upside receiver in Mims. He’s big and fast, but will need some refinement as he moves to the next level.

35. Detroit Lions (Ethan) - DL Marlon Davidson | Auburn

After getting Okudah in the first round, Detroit turns to the defensive line for their second selection. While Davidson was overshadowed by Derrick Brown on the Auburn D-Line, he is a versatile piece who can line up inside or out and instantly contribute as a rookie.

36. Kansas City Chiefs (Ethan) - OL Cesar Ruiz | Michigan

New York trades this pick plus a 5th (150) and a 6th (183) to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 1st (32).

Center is one of very few need positions for the Chiefs, and they trade back to still lock up the clear best Center prospect in this draft class in Ruiz.

37. San Francisco 49ers (Jake P.) - OT Isaiah Wilson | UGA

Los Angeles trades this pick plus a 4th (112) and a 7th (220) to the San Francisco 49ers for a 1st (31).

Joe Staley is entering his 14th season in the NFL, so a replacement will be needed in the near future. Wilson is quite literally a huge prospect who will require a year or two to develop into a full-time lineman. This is the perfect situation for Wilson and the 49ers.

38. Carolina Panthers (Kieffer) - CB Jaylon Johnson | Utah

Carolina fills its biggest need with an outside corner. Johnson has position flexibility and can play inside or outside. Ross Blacklock would have been insane value here, but CB is too big of a need to ignore. Carolina could take 2 this draft.

39. Las Vegas Raiders (Ben) - CB Trevon Diggs | Alabama

Miami trades this pick and a 1st (18) to the Las Vegas Raiders for a 1st (12) and a third (80).

After filling out three huge needs in the first round, the Raiders shore up the secondary with Diggs to go opposite last year’s 2nd round pick Trayvon Mullen, giving the Raiders two big corners that can cause match-up nightmares for opposing offenses.

40. Houston Texans (Nishant) - DT Ross Blacklock | TCU

Houston needs defensive line help badly, and coach/GM Bill O’Brien doesn’t overthink this and jumps on Blacklock, a first-round talent who represents a fantastic value after sliding into the second.

41. Cleveland Browns (Kieffer) - S Grant Delpit | LSU

Delpit saw his stock fall this season after playing through injuries, and the Browns pick up a big value here with Delpit, who can cover a lot of ground from the free safety position. This is a good intersection of need and value for the Browns.

42. Jacksonville Jaguars (Jeffrey) - CB Jeff Gladney | TCU

The Jags needed help in the secondary so they take the best available CB still on the board before another run occurs before their next pick.

43. Chicago Bears (Jake P.) - OL Lloyd Cushenberry | LSU

The Bears need some offensive line depth, plain and simple. Cushenberry was one of the best offensive linemen left in the draft at this point and the selection was a no-brainer.

44. Indianapolis Colts (Ben) - DE Julian Okwara | Notre Dame

The Colts pick up a pass rusher to help offset the loss of Jabaal Sheard. They already have Justin Houston and a couple other young guys, but Okwara gives them a long and strong defensive end with a ton of potential.

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jake P.) - RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire | LSU

Ronald Jones is great, but the Buccaneers need a good number 2 back. Edwards-Helaire has great potential and wonderful pass-catching ability.

46. Denver Broncos (Jeffrey) - RB Jonathon Taylor | Wisconsin

This was a best available pick as the Broncos have Melvin Gordon signed, but Taylor adds a good second punch to the aging running back.

47. Atlanta Falcons (Leviticus) - DT Jordan Elliott | Missouri

Falcons go with best DL available.

48. Carolina Panthers (Kieffer) - TE Cole Kmet | Notre Dame

New York trades this pick plus a 1st (11) and a 6th (211) to the Carolina Panthers for a 1st (7).

This is good value for the Panthers after the loss of Greg Olsen this year. Kmet represents a reliable underneath target for Teddy Bridgewater and a good blocker for Franchise player Christian McCaffrey.

49. Pittsburgh Steelers (Ben) - WR Laviska Shenault, Jr. | Colorado

While Shenault is not the tallest receiver in this class, he still brings great size and can be lined up all over the field, like he was at Colorado. He might be a boom-or-bust player, but the Steelers are trying to win now as Big Ben nears the end of his career.

50. Chicago Bears (Jake P.) - CB Jeremy Chinn | Southern Illinois

Chinn is a developmental prospect for the Bears, but CB is a position of need for Chicago and he will be able to establish a role for himself early.

51. Dallas Cowboys (Jake P.) - LB Josh Uche | Michigan

Uche is an interesting prospect, as he could either play EDGE or LB but will likely need a year or two to develop. He’s got great potential and has a future in the NFL.

52. Los Angeles Rams (Leviticus) - RB J.K. Dobbins | Ohio State

The Rams need help on defense, but J.K. is lucky to be available here and fills the hole left by Gurley at RB.

53. Philadelphia Eagles (Jeffrey) - OL Ezra Cleveland | Boise State

The Eagles need quite a few positions on the offensive side, but none of the others matter if the blocking continues to struggle. Adding Cleveland to clog up the middle should improve the line.

54. Buffalo Bills (Ethan) - S Kyle Dugger | Lenoir-Rhyne

Although Safety is not at the top of the needs for Buffalo, the Bills can’t pass up the high ceiling that small-college Safety Kyle Dugger provides. Dugger is a freak athlete and could turn into one of the best safeties in the league. The Bills can’t draft a member of the Carolina Panthers so they do the next best thing and draft Dugger out of a North Carolina college.

55. Baltimore Ravens (Nishant) - DT Neville Gallimore | Oklahoma

With another second-round pick on tap to target needs, the Ravens take the best player available and continue to beef up their defensive front.

56. Miami Dolphins (Nishant) - RB Cam Akers | Florida State

The Dolphins consider a couple safety prospects here, but they desperately need a running back and can’t pass up Akers, a well-rounded back who should start immediately.

57. Los Angeles Rams (Leviticus) - MLB Logan Wilson | Wyoming

The Rams invest with a roving Middle Linebacker with leadership qualities.

58. Minnesota Vikings (Ethan) - DL Justin Madubuike | Texas A&M

After shoring up the secondary on day 1, Minnesota turns to the defensive line next. Madubuike is a big body inside with a good motor.

59. Seattle Seahawks (Ben) - CB Damon Arnette | Ohio State

After going best player available in the first round, the Seahawks get a solid corner that can compete with Tre Flowers to start opposite Shaquill Griffin.

60. Baltimore Ravens (Nishant) - WR Jalen Reagor | TCU

After two picks on defense, the Ravens turn their attention back to offense. It never hurts to give Lamar Jackson more weapons, and Reagor represents fantastic value here.

61. Tennessee Titans (Kieffer) - QB Jalen Hurts | Oklahoma

The Titans committed to Ryan Tannehill after one impressive season, but don’t have much in the way of a backup plan if he begins to look more like he did with Miami. Hurts can sit behind Tannehill and learn, and could possibly be part of a goal line package. Hurts and Henry options? Terrifying.

62. Green Bay Packers (Leviticus) - OL Robert Hunt | Louisiana

The Packers get a versatile Offensive Lineman who has played Tackle and Guard. The Packers line is in flux, remember, Bulaga departed for the Chargers this offseason.

63. Kansas City Chiefs (Ethan) - CB Noah Igbinoghene | Auburn

The Chiefs add some versatile depth to their secondary here in Igbinoghene, who can play outside corner as well as nickel.

64. Seattle Seahawks (Ben) - S Antoine Winfield, Jr. | Minnesota

This is a move that worked out perfectly for the Seahawks. Winfield is the best player available and also fills a position of need. Quandre Diggs showed a couple glimpses, but Winfield shores up the spot.

How’d we do?