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Meet the Writers: Jeffrey Cramer

Come learn about one of our newest additions!

Today I sit down with one of our newest writers, Jeffrey!

How are you?

Honestly, the quarantine hasn’t really changed my day to day a whole lot. My job falls under the “essential” category and I usually stay home on my off days to take care of my two-year old daughter. It has actually been easier with my wife home from teaching. I’ve gotten a lot of house projects done.

What’s your quick bio?

I was raised and still live West of Atlanta in the Villa Rica area where I went to high school. I received an associates in Computer Networking from West Georgia Tech in 2010 but never really put that to much use. I started working for Delta Air Lines right before I graduated and have been there since. I’m currently part of the Super Tug team that repositions the aircraft for parking and maintenance. We typically tell people we are ground pilots.

What’s your relation to Tech?

Well I was never a student, but I did perform with the GTGs in a Greek Sing one year.

How did you get to FTRS?

I’ve been a reader of the site for a few years and decided I talk enough about Georgia Tech sports that I would try my hand at writing about it.

What do you normally write about?

It’s all about the Croots!

Favorite Tech sports moment?

It was the first game I ever saw in person. GT was playing UNC at home in 2003 which we won 41-24. Tech had really started to pull away in the 2nd half and a returned punt just broke UNC’s spirit in the fourth. I’ve managed to see at least one home game each year since then.

Another unexpected non-cliche one! Any others in mind?

Another sport I really follow is Tech baseball. Maryland was looking to leave the ACC on a high note by claiming the ‘14 ACC Baseball Title, but GT sent them packing to the Big Ten with a loss.

Favorite non-Tech sports moment?

This one isn’t a favorite as it is more memorable, but Michael Vick went down in 2003 with a broken fibula. I was sitting a few rows up from where it happened. Also, anytime uga loses.

Favorite piece you’ve written for FTRS?

I started writing at the end of January so this shutdown has really impacted my recruiting stories, but it would have to be previewing how Gibbs will fit in when he arrives on the team.

Favorite off-the-beaten-path Atlanta restaurant (i.e. not one of the typical ones everyone talks about)?

Beetlecats over in Inman Park has really good seafood that I haven’t heard anyone else really mention.

What kind of media are you into (music, tv, movies, books, podcasts, etc.)?

Music: I listen to just about anything, but probably my most played category is soundtracks to various movies and games. I also unashamedly listen to Celtic Woman. I listen to a lot of Celtic/Irish folk.

TV: I don’t watch a whole lot of series, but I’m somehow addicted to watching a bunch of old guys dig up older wood on Curse of Oak Island. I like things I can kind of have playing in the background.

Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy are my favorite movies. Anything in the fantasy genre I’ll give a watch as well as suspense/psychological category.

Books: I read all the Witcher books before Netflix butchered the story line. Again, I read a lot of Fantasy style books. The Dwarves trilogy is one I’d recommend that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention.

What do you do when you aren’t watching sports?

Entertaining my daughter and trying to find new fish to add to my aquarium.

What’s your go-to icebreaker “fun fact”?

I probably have the last autograph Johnny Unitas ever signed. One of my mom’s bosses was from his hometown and played golf with him. He got him to sign a ball and brought it back to me. ESPN reported he had passed away a few days later.

Do you have a rivalry with any of the other writers?

Well I played against Stephen and Akshay in the FIFA tournament but I don’t think I played well enough to spark a rivalry.