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Technical Tidbits 4/2: NCAA Decision On Tech’s Postseason Ban

The NCAA has ruled on Tech’s basketball team’s postseason ban.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech has been assured that its men’s basketball program has served the postseason ban for recruiting violations. According to this AJC article, Tech was informed late last week that it had indeed met the conditions of the ban. For the school, the basketball team, and its fans it was quite a period of limbo not knowing how the NCAA would decide. Thankfully everything worked out for the best.

Continuing its video archive series, this article features video of Georgia Tech tennis player Victoria Flores’ opening round win in Tech’s match against No. 12 Ohio State. The match took place on February 7th of this year and the win put the Yellow Jackets into the quarterfinals.

Here’s another video featuring highlights from the Yellow Jackets’ volleyball team’s big win over Notre Dame. Considering the video archives series, are there particular Tech games that stand out in your memory and if so which sport? What particular game?

This was a fun article that looks closer at the recruiting situation and how it has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As the article points out, according to Tech general manager Patrick Suddes the school has turned to technology to allow coaches and recruits to stay in touch. This includes utilizing Playstation, Xbox, or FaceTime as a few examples. And considering gym closures, the outdoors have offered plenty of opportunities to get in a good workout. Personally, I would just turn to any Rocky movie (particularly Rocky IV) for inspiration and ideas.

Here’s another article that focuses on how head coach Geoff Collins and his staff have been continuing to innovate in these unprecedented times.