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Technical Tidbits 4/14: Tech Basketball Recruiting

Pastner has decision to make with last scholarship on the line.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve got to love the transfer portal (essentially the college version of free agency) and the recruiting freedom it provides for coaches. In this case Georgia Tech basketball head coach Josh Pastner seems to have his eyes on the transfer portal to fill out his roster. With one scholarship left and no high school recruits in particular that he’s eyeing, the transfer portal provides Pastner a lot of flexibility. I’d imagine it’s not the easiest task having to fill out a roster and all the team’s needs for the 20-21 season, but it does seem Pastner has a plan and that definitely has included taking advantage of the transfer portal.

This particular “On This Day” article highlights one of Tech’s softball team’s more memorable wins. It was from April 13, 2019 and the Yellow Jackets were facing off against Pittsburgh in a double header. The second game was a “run rule win” for the Yellow Jackets as they blew out Pittsburgh 18-9 in six innings. The fact that the last four runs came on a grand slam home run makes it that much sweeter.

This article is part of a fun series and if you haven’t checked the other out be sure to do so. As the title suggests, the focus is on the “Georgia Tech Quarter-Century Team”. This particular one focuses on defensive backs.

Here’s a video of the Yellow Jackets volleyball team as they advanced to the NIVC Semifinal. That was a memorable run they had in that tournament.

Congratulations to Georgia Tech’s Sean Bedford on being chosen as one of the 15 best walk-ons in college football history.