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Mailbag 4/1

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour - Auckland Photo by Dave Simpson/WireImage

Any April Fool’s Day pranks you’ve pulled gone wrong? Or horribly right?

Ben: I still can’t believe people believed me when I wrote a post about becoming a UGA fan.

Levi: I’m actually not that much of a prankster. I think the only thing I really like to do is drop a fistful of bottle rockets into a campfire. I’ve done it several times but no one has gotten hurt. Yet.

Jake: I think the primary occupations of the varsity water polo team when I was in high school were playing hacky sack and pulling shenanigans, which is probably why we weren’t very good at water polo. That any of them lined up with April Fool’s Day would have been coincidence more than anything. The time we pretended to have lost the goalie playing hide and seek before an away and seek before an away game was the week of April Fool’s the year that happened...

What should I do for my birthday on Sunday while locked in with my roommate?

Ben: If you don’t share a bathroom, sneak into his and put either a bouillon cube or some powder in the shower head and just wait.

Levi: Make a nine hole putt putt course in your apartment. Battle for dominance.

Jake: I’m jealous I didn’t think of Levi’s about best-of-125 rock paper scissors?

Chris: Make them cook you a fancy candlelit dinner.

Jake P.: Make them pay your half of the rent for this month.

I believe Georgia Tech got in five or six practices before the shutdown, while some schools hadn’t started. Did any have significantly more? Do you think the coaching staff got much out of those to work with come the fall?

Ben: I think Clemson had like seven or so, but a lot of schools had barely started. I think they at least got something out of it. If nothing else, they got some reps for the early enrollees.

Levi: I don’t think one extra practice is gonna win the championship. Teams with new quarterbacks like the school out east are gonna struggle more though.

What is your belief on when Universities will have to make a decision on whether to have students on campus this fall?

Ben: It should be sometime this Summer.

Levi: What kind of question is this. All students should be preparing for the “Mad Max” portion of the apocalypse.

Jake: I don’t think there will be any haste to make a big decision like that. They have time to let things play out a little bit.

Chris: Agreed on probably the summer, but no one is in any rush.

Jake P.: At the earliest, there will probably be a decision in mid-July. Unless everything completely goes to [Styx] between now and then.

In that we may have seen his last live performance, please to rank your 5 essential Sir Elton John songs.

Ben: Oh, that’s a tough one. My top five (in no particular order) are Rocket Man, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Your Song, Tiny Dancer, and I’m Still Standing.

Levi: Not a big Elton John fan, I was going to say Piano Man but turns out that is by Billy Joel. I have to say none.

Jake: I’m not the only one that grew up confusing Billy Joel with Elton John? Good to know...As for the order, I’d go with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Benny and the Jets, Crocodile Rock, Rocket Man, and I’m Still Standing.

Chris: Rocket Man (also random plug for the amazing NSFW Young Thug remix/collab/cover), Daniel, Sacrifice, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Tiny Dancer.

Jake P.: In no particular order, I’ll probably have to go with Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man, Burn Down The Mission, This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore, and Candle In The Wind (mostly because of Andy Dwyer’s remake on Parks and Rec).

Thoughts on the additional year?

Ben: I haven’t read a whole lot about it, but in principle, I think it’s a good idea.

Levi: The additional year of eligibility for spring athletes? Obviously the right thing to do.

Jake: I’m disappointed the folks who miss a championship at all won’t get that chance. Plenty of great swimmers lost the opportunity to swim at NCAAs, which is the biggest short course meet on the planet. Not to mention the March Madness thing. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that what they did for the spring athletes was the correct decision.