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PFO: Build your Arrested Development Starting 5

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A new spin on a classic game here in the desert of content we find ourselves in. Since I am the Seneca Crane of this column, I’ve decided to limit this pool to Seasons 1-3 of the cult comedy classic. Seasons 4-5 aren’t as good. Fight me (from a distance please).

So you’ve seen this with All-time NBA teams, The Office, etc., but now we’re bringing it to the show my wife is currently watching for the first time.

credit: @jakegrant98 for his photoshop skills. He spared you all from an MS Paint nightmare

You know the drill. Pick your starting 5.

My Starting 5:

Gob Bluth, Lucille Bluth, Barry Zuckerkorn, Gene Parmesan, Annyong Bluth.

Very Lucille-centric team in my mind. The matriarch of the family carries several scenes and plays well with many of the other characters. Part of my admiration of her probably stems from Archer as well, where she plays literally the same character. I’ll take Gene 10 times out of 10 just for Lucille’s reactions to his extremely minor role in the show. But the most important money spent was getting Gob locked down. It’s worth building a Lucille superteam with the other $10 to be able to at times have Gob steal the show entirely on his own. (Probably don’t watch this on your work computer? idk we’re all at home now anyways...)

The final countdown will never be heard the same way thanks to Will Arnett.

Let me know in the comments how your Starting 5 shapes up.

Wash your hands. Keep your hands off public places. Leave your shoes at the door when you get home. Listen to the medical professionals. Til next time, when we might have some airport talk lined up for you.