College Football Risk - Season 2!

Are you bored and looking for something thrilling during this extended break? Do you want to restore your Yellow Jackets to Heisman-era greatness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join the ongoing College Football Risk game through Reddit!


Day 3 Map

How do I play?

The game is a Risk board with a territory for every FBS team. Every day, you either attack another team's land or defend your own!

How's GT doing?

We are the second biggest team still standing, and we eliminated u(sic)ga in the first day!

How do I join?

First, go to to learn more about the game. Then sign in using your Reddit account (or make a Reddit account) and set your team to your Yackets! After that, we ask that you sign up for our daily messaging service that automatically (cuz we're nerds) assigns moves for each player every day. It will send you a message a day on Reddit telling you where to attack or defend based on an algorithm. SIGN UP HERE

It takes a minimum of only 2 mins per day to be involved, but if you want to be involved in strategy and diplomacy, there's a place for you! You can sign up for our Discord here


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