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Technical Tidbits 3/26: Tech Coaches And Players Adjusting To New Routine

Coaches turn to social media for training purposes

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 25 NC State at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For anyone who follows Georgia Tech sports, particularly the football team and its coaches, it is not an understatement to say that Tech has quite a presence on social media. This article touches on how head coach Geoff Collins has been handling the unprecedented situation we all face due to the coronavirus pandemic. The article quotes Collins as saying “the way we kind of set our communication is very technologically driven.” That’s something one would expect from a school like Georgia Tech, and I would imagine it should play to its advantage.

Here’s another article that discusses how Tech football head coach Geoff Collins is handling the adjustments forced upon himself, his coaching staff, and his players. With social distancing imposing impediments on players and how they can train, the coaching staff seems to be doing a great job by relying on social media to provide guidance to the players with examples of several different workout routines.

Well, thanks to the coronavirus, social distancing, sheltering in place etc. we no longer have to imagine what a world where there are no sporting events would look like — it’s happening to us now. With that being our predicament, we can thankfully turn to the world of sports archives. Such is the case in this article that looks back on the career of Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket tennis star Nadia Gizdova.

Here’s some more from the world of the Yellow Jackets sports archives. This particular article features video of Tech’s women’s basketball team’s upset victory over eleventh ranked Florida State.

It’s not exactly news anymore that former u[sic]GA basketball player Rodney Howard has given his commitment to Tech head coach Josh Pastner since entering his name in the transfer portal. Anyhow, it’s quite a story though, considering where he is transferring from, and worth mentioning again.

I’m sure many have noticed it by now, so I have to ask, what’s your thoughts about Coach Collins’ ‘stache?