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Technical Tidbits 3/25: Georgia Tech Basketball Gets Post Help

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Late Monday night, former georgia C Rodney Howard announced his transfer to Georgia Tech. While the u(sic)GA to GT switch has happened in football a few times, this is one of the first times it has ever happened for basketball. According to the article, in the 1980s, Lee Goza played at u(sic)GA for two years but spent a year at junior college before making the move to Tech. Hopefully, being the first transfer to go directly from the dwags to the Jackets will give Howard some motivation to prove all of georgia’s fans wrong. Not that they aren’t already always wrong.

Jahmyr Gibbs is probably the most hyped-up Georgia Tech recruit since Derrick Morgan came to the Flats in 2007. This article provides a film review of Gibbs and gives him extremely high praise. Specifically, it speaks to the threat Gibbs poses in the passing game for opposing defenses. Gibbs’ promising ability as a pass catcher and a runner could set the Jackets up for success in the next few years. This could one of the best players Geoff Collins coaches during his time at Georgia Tech.

Jeremiah Attaochu was one of the best defensive players during Paul Johnson’s tenure at Georgia Tech. In his senior year, the linebacker recorded 45 tackles, 16 of those being for loss. For his efforts, Attaochu was named a third-team All-American and was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers. Attaochu played four seasons with the Chargers before being released and playing for the New York Jets in 2018 and the Denver Broncos last year. Attaochu re-signed with the Broncos a couple of days ago, and will look to be a key part of their 2020 defense. Congratulations, Jeremiah!

For many college athletes, the COVID-19 pandemic crushed their dreams of NCAA glory. This is especially true for Georgia Tech Women’s Track stars Nicole Fegans and Bria Matthews. The two are both 2020 ACC Champions (Fegans in the 3000m and Matthews in the triple jump), but have faced hardships in the past few years. For both of the athletes, it was injuries and the self-doubt that came with those injuries. However, the two came back stronger than ever, and were looking forward to their shot at the NCAA Championships. Even though that won’t happen, the two learned a lot from their experiences. Fegans has one more year at Tech, while Matthews will graduate but has her eyes set on the Olympics next year. Keep it up, Bria and Nicole!

Everyone, be like Jamious.

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