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Introducing: Meet the Writers

Get ready to learn more than you ever wanted to you about your favorite(?) people on the internet

Hey y’all!

As Ben mentioned earlier this week, we’re going to be doing some ~alternate content~ here at FTRS for the next little while due to COVID-19. As part of this we figured it’s high time we did a little more in-depth introduction to our writing staff, so I’ll be doing a “Meet the Writers” series aimed at giving y’all some insight into who we are and what we do. I’ll do a Q&A style article centered on one writer per week. I’ve got a list of questions in mind, but if y’all have anything burning on your mind let me know in the comments and I’ll try to include it (Is Jake as wholesome as he seems? Has Stephen ever actually kicked a football? What’s Ben’s favorite shirt? All this information and more can be yours).

I’ll be starting on Wednesday with myself, so stay tuned!