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Mailbag 3/11

We talked Tech’s secondary, men’s basketball, and what the heck Mark Richt was doing on the Flats

North Carolina State v Georgia Tech Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Thoughts on CJP now that year 4 is done?

Ben: I thought he coached pretty well this year, but he’s gotta make the Tournament next year.

Andrew: I think next season is a make or break season.

Chris: I think my overwhelming thought is “meh”.

Jake P.: The NCAA Tournament is a must for him to keep his job.

Robert: And I agree with all three of the above.

Jake: I like how he’s coached up kids, but I don’t really like him as an in-game coach, especially in terms of clock management and halftime adjustments.

Reed: We’re four years in with no NCCA appearances and all we’ve heard are a lot of excuses. The stretch run was encouraging and the talent is there for next year but he must deliver. Right now he is Brian Gregory 2.0.

Carter: Notching Georgia Tech’s first winning conference record in a decade and a half isn’t worth nothing, even if it was in one of the most down years in the history of the conference, but I stand by what I tweeted on Friday. Dude is toast unless he makes the tournament.

What is Stephen Reid’s potential?

Andrew: I think the freshman are going to be really good. Holland is the only one I am a little concerned with.

Jake: Man is yoked. Pray for the windows of ZTA or the side of Brock or what have you. I really like watching this kid play. Hopefully he’ll help fill the power vacuum, but, regardless, I think we’ll get three good years out of him.

Our secondary is looking to be the strength of the defense again. We still have our 1-2 punch on the backend of Tariq Carpenter and Juanyeh Thomas, Kaleb Oliver has been really good for us at nickel, and Tre Swilling is a stud. The problem though, at least for me, was that Tre Swilling was the best cornerback on the field and it wasn’t particularly close. Miles Brooks looks like he could lock down the other spot, but I’d feel more comfortable if a guy like Zamari Walton or Jaytlin Askew can develop into a solid #3 outside corner. How do you think the depth chart at cornerback shakes out in the end?

Ben: I think Swilling and Walton will start. Walton and Sims were both decent last year with some flashes. Miles Brooks should also come along pretty nicely. I think he could be in the starting lineup by the end of the season.

Levi: I agree with you. Our secondary is the best unit on the team. Unfortunately, part of the rebuild means the depth chart can go up, down, or sideways. We simply don’t know and the materials we get aren’t conclusive. Everyone seems to get a spotlight on Twitter. I think your starters remain the same barring some earth-shattering news. Miles Brooks does have the most potential but will probably work-in as opposed to start.

Robert: My guess: Sims and Walton start, Myles Sims and Jordan Huff are primary backups, and Miles Brooks and Askew provide spot snaps.

What options do we have at front court now that Banks and Cole are gone?

Jake P.: Moses Wright and a possible grad transfer. I just can’t see David Didenko or Kristian Sjolund getting much playing time next season.

Jake: I know Tristan Maxwell is sizable, but not sure if he’s more of a 4. I think this is our biggest transfer need. Otherwise, Moses better get ready for a lot of playing time.

Reed: A new face will almost have to provide big minutes, whether it is freshman Saba Gigiberia, a transfer or Kristian Sjolund (I’m including him since he sat out basically all season). Depending on who that reliable guy is will dictate where Moses plays most of his minutes as I’m confident he can slide up to the 5 if necessary.

I haven’t been paying close attention to upcoming basketball recruiting classes. Is there anything we should be excited about?

Ben: The only name I know is Tristan Maxwell, but I’ve heard some pretty good things about them.

Jake: That makes two of us, but it has been nice to see Tristan Maxwell doing well in the North Carolina high school postseason.

Is it ok if I don’t have a question?

Ben: I mean, this is technically a question, so you just lied to us. How does that make you feel?

Levi: Yes, thanks for stopping by. What’s the Good Word?

Chris: Sure, wanna just rant about something instead? open mic.

Jake: Is it okay if I don’t have an answer? [starts to ramble about non-revenue sports]


What timeline are we in?

Ben: This was just weird.

Chris: The man legitimately looks like we kidnapped him and forced him to wear our clothes. He looks aggressively uncomfortable.

Jake: Chris vocalized the feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on earlier. He legitimately looks like my father the first time he got marched around campus. Also, what is that shirt Geoff is wearing? I love the block T.

Reed: It was already bad and then the Collins creep factor kicked it up a notch. On another note, that’s a nice quarter zip, I need to get my hands on one of those.

Carter: An extremely cursed one. You can tell just how uncomfortable (understandably!) Mark Richt is between having to wear GT gear and be in extended close proximity with Geoff Collins. It’s so clear I actually feel bad for him.