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Technical Tidbits 2/27: Georgia Tech Football Has Position Changes

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2019-20 Georgia Tech Basketball season, the team got slammed by the NCAA with massive penalties for impermissible benefits received by players. Those penalties included a fine, recruiting restrictions, and a postseason ban for the 2019-20 basketball season. The GTAA promptly appealed those penalties (specifically the postseason ban), and that process is ongoing. One Tech booster is already looking ahead to a conclusion that is unfavorable for the Yellow Jackets. Steve Zelnak claims that he could get many Tech boosters to donate to a legal fund for proceedings against the NCAA due to their “inconsistency and unfairness” when punishing schools for rules violations. This would be an interesting strategy, especially if Zelnak could convince Georgia Tech to let other schools join the lawsuit. However, all of this is speculation, and the official position of Georgia Tech is that they’re currently focused on the appeals process, not on a potential lawsuit years down the road.

In 2021, Georgia Tech Football will break their streak of playing the season opener against Clemson. It was announced yesterday that Northern Illinois would be playing Tech in the 2021 season opener, and that the Kennesaw State game originally scheduled for the opener was being moved back a week. Tech also put a game with Bowling Green on the schedule for 2023 that will come in the fourth week of the season. These are pretty inconsequential changes, unlike Tech adding Alabama to the schedule for a home-and-home in ten years.

The Georgia Tech linebackers were a mixed bag last season, averaging a lot of tackles, but not getting into the backfield very often. This article previews the position group ahead of spring practice, and gave insight as to what the unit would be working on. One thing I found interesting was that there were position switches. Jerry Howard is moving from RB to LB, and Bruce Jordan-Swilling is moving from LB to RB. Hopefully, these switches will be for the best, but it will definitely be strange hearing, “Jerry Howard with the sack!” And, “Bruce Jordan-Swilling with the big gain!”

The Georgia Tech Baseball team has gotten off to a hot start this year, beginning the season 7-1 with a loss to St. John’s. This weekend’s series will be the biggest test of the team’s ability so far, with Clean Old-Fashioned Hate taking place in Athens, Atlanta, and at Coolray Field in Gwinnett. This article discusses the Tech pitching staff, and the work that they’ve been doing under first-year Pitching Coach Danny Borrell. It seems like a lot of improvement has occurred since the end of last season, and that Borrell will continue to do great work with the Beesball team.

The Peach of an Athlete Awards are awarded each year by the Atlanta Area Council and Boy Scouts of America. Tech swimmer Joonas Koski and track star Bria Matthews are the male and female award winners this year, and will be honored at a banquet in March at the College Football Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Joonas and Bria!

Question of the Day: What do you think of the two position switches?