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Mailbag 2/26

We talk Men’s hoops appeal, more food, and some football talk

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007 Photo by Richard Schultz/NFLPhotoLibrary

What are the chances of two freshmen from Berkeley Heights, NJ starting and batting #5 and #6 for GT? Not to mention one of them homering twice.

Andrew: 100%. I also feel bad for Stephen Reid’s sleeves, they are doing the best they can to contain that dude’s arms.

So should men’s hoops take the postseason ban this year since it appears we most likely wouldn’t make it to the big dance?

Ben: If they could only concede the postseason ban part of their appeal, I’d say yes, but that’s not how appeals work. Postseason bans suck, but if you think you have a chance to get everything appealed, don’t give up the appeal.

Robert: Yes.

Nishant: Does it honestly even matter?

Drew: Absolutely. Our team will be just as talented next year. Don’t jeopardize a potential NCAA Tournament bid next year for anything this season.

Levi: Ben is right on this one. Though it seems like it to fans, the postseason ban is the least concerning sanction to a program that hasn’t been dancing since 2010.

Jeff: Never turn down a chance to stick it to the NCAA. I would also take an exchange to formally recognize the 2009 ACC Champs again.

What’s your meat ’n three?

Ben: Ribeye with mac and cheese, loaded mashed potatoes, and a caesar salad.

Andrew: I love a good bone-in fried catfish. I like Collards, Mac n Cheese, and fried okra.

Robert: From Carver’s (RIP): Pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, mac and cheese, and collards.

Drew: Anything with a good gravy along with collards, anything sweet potato, and mac and cheese. I love okra in almost every way except fried.

Levi: Rare New York Strip (marinated in Dale’s sauce), garlic parm oven-roasted asparagus, baked sweet potato, side salad.

Jeff: Blackened grouper, garlic mash taters, steamed veggies, and jasmine rice.

Carter: Shortrib, with collards, garlic mashed potatoes, and sweet potato souffle.

With GT being in the Top 10 in scholarships offered do you think that hurts our brand or its all part of the game?

Ben: I think it’s all part of the game. Recruiting is all about relationships, and that’s what the coaches are working on even when making a ton of offers.

Robert: I don’t think those numbers reflect which offers are actually committable, but they create some small amount of social media buzz and impressions.

Levi: Offers gain interest early. Top recruits start mentally whittling down schools as early as before their HS junior season. A vast majority of these early offers are to prospects that outrank any of our current athletes. As far as branding, everyone needs to buckle up. We are trying to kill the impression that we’re a school of eclectic outliers with a dinky/annoying offense. There will be top recruits and the baggage they come with (See: Athens/Clarke Police Reports for more detail). It’s going to be rough but it comes with being a top recruiter. Sorry for the paragraph. TL-DR: Good thing.

Jeff: It’s a dirty business as plenty of scholarships that are offered early may not be honored by signing day. The schools have to offer so many though because you have to cover your bases when you don’t know who will be interested early on. As with Gibbs the early offer was a big part of him recognizing Tech over the others who couldn’t build a relationship that late.

With GT having the 10th longest drought without a 1st round pick can I be mad at CPJ? Follow up, do you think our next first rounder is on this current roster?

Ben: I mean, I can’t tell you what to do. I don’t know that any other coach would have developed a first-round pick. For the other part of the question, I’ll give you a solid maybe.

Robert: No. Pretty much in line with our historical averages, as we’ve had ten in our history. If the next one is on our current roster, it would probably have to be one of the true freshmen, and it’s almost impossible to project that far out. A completely wild guess: Jared Ivey.

Nishant: To the first question, sure, but keep in mind Tech has only had five first-round picks in the past 40 years. This isn’t a new trend. To the second, I don’t think any of the current veterans have first-round potential (though I expect several to be drafted) and it’s just too early to tell with the freshmen.

Levi: Always be mad at CPJ. He crippled our roster with a strange and uncool offense. The only guy I see with clear NFL talent is Jordan Mason and RBs simply aren’t drafted early anymore. My wild guess is Miles Brooks.

Carter: Georgia Tech has had 10 first round draft picks, ever, and Paul Johnson coached two of them, but go off, king.

Jeff: While his offense didn’t help the perception of players making it to the NFL there is evidence that some players got overlooked. Adam Gotsis had potential to be a first rounder, but was rehabbing a torn ACL. Darren Waller has developed into a nice tight end for the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders with the 2nd most receiving yards among tight ends this past year. He had about 100 yards on Kittle and was less than 100 shy of Kelce. That’s pretty good company if you ask me. You also have to consider Shaq Mason who was a late round draft pick, but was an anchor for the New England Patriots as rookie and continues to be one. Mason will rake in over $8 million this year. That ranks him the 14th highest paid guard. All of that is to say it may look bad not having the first rounder stats, but getting past the rookie deal speaks a lot more to how they were developed. All these guys we CPJ recruits so he wasn’t oblivious to talent. Oh, and it’s hard to say with the young guys, but Devin Cochran, Vandy transfer, was good at keeping his QB upright in Nashville against some nasty pass rushers so he has potential if all goes well this year.

When will kids start to transfer out? Is there a deadline? How many kids have to leave?

Nishant: There’s no formal deadline, but the end of spring camp tends to be when a lot of guys transfer out—by then there’s at least some indication of what the pecking order will be, and guys can find new landing spots in time to enroll for the summer. It’s also possible that some guys already plan to leave the team and just haven’t announced it publicly. By my best estimate, after accounting for the departures of Ajani Kerr and Lucas Johnson, the team is currently eight scholarships over the limit for 2020.

Andrew: I agree with Nishant, I think we see a bit of an exodus after spring ball.

Levi: This is not my area of expertise but you are allowed to enter the transfer portal at any time. Former clempson QB Kelly Bryant transferred mid-season in 2018. Also, beware of medical scholarships, a practice commonly used by over-recruiting schools like Alabama. Some players will mysteriously retire this summer.

Jeff: A player can leave the program at any time. Which makes me wonder why students can’t transfer schools mid-semester. You usually see the exodus of players that become buried right after Spring and a few into Fall as depth is sorted out.

This week is the NFL combine and I wanted to remind everyone of CJ21’s performance. How did he not go #1?!?!?

Ben: I selfishly wanted the Falcons to trade Mike Vick to the Raiders in an effort to get that first pick so they could roll with Matt Schaub at QB and Calvin Johnson at receiver. That could have been fun

Chau: given both their careers, hard to blame the Raiders for taking Jamarcus Russell 1st overall. Looks like it worked out well for all parties.

Carter: The Raiders needed a QB much more than they needed a WR. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

Nishant: What Carter said. Oakland’s starting QBs in 2006, Andrew Walter and Aaron Brooks, combined for six touchdowns and 21 interceptions that year. And when the first round of the 2007 draft took place, they still had Randy Moss on the roster (though they traded him to New England that night). Besides, it wasn’t the first time that an NFL front office fell head-over-heels in love with a rocket arm at the expense of all else.

Levi: The Raiders were never going to trade down. Hindsight is 20/20 but at the time JaMarcus was a solid pick after an outstanding season at LSU. Megatron is a transcendent WR but ultimately it didn’t work out for the Lions either. They remained just good enough to never make a playoff run. Reminder: a WR hasn’t gone #1 since Keyshawn Johnson in 1996 and it’s actually trending in the opposite direction. We may never see one again.

Counting GT, which Atlanta team will win a championship next?

Ben: United.

Carter: United, again.

Andrew: Probably United, or the indoor lacrosse team.

Nishant: Speaking of lacrosse, I went to an NLL game in Toronto recently and it was a blast. Highly recommend it, particularly for anyone who enjoys hockey—it plays very similarly, all the way down to fights. As for the actual question... if I say a team, it won’t be them

Chau: Atlanta Faze. I don't really follow eSports but I got a good feeling about these guys/gals.

Levi: Braves. I really think they are a lucky break or two from a big run.

Jeff: United is probably the safe pick, but the NFL always has 3 or 4 teams that come out of nowhere each year so let’s go with Falcons getting lucky in two years.