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Georgia Tech Football: Remembering K Harrison Butker

A fond reminder of our time with one of the most prolific kickers in the league.

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

With the Big Game looming this weekend, let’s take a look back at our time with Harrison Butker.

There are actually no other #ProJackets on either roster for the Super Bowl and I would argue that Butker is our most popular active player in the league. If you didn’t read our draft prep for him, please feel free to give it a visit. It is much more comprehensive than this article will be.

Also, allow me to introduce myself. Hi. I’m Levi Warner, lots of people call me Leviticus. I’ll be joining the staff as a football writer for the foreseeable future. I am a big football guy and an even bigger Tech fan. I attended Tech before they not so politely asked me to not come back because engineering is hard ☹. I specialize in film analysis and trolling. I enjoy long walks on the beach and Chicago deep-dish pizza. Enough about me, lets talk about the man of the hour.

From the 404, born and raised.

My has our boy grown. I can say that all of us look back fondly on Harrison Butker and that we were spoiled with good kicking during his time. Unfortunately, he had some missteps along the way to becoming one of the NFL’s most dependable kickers.

Harrison came to us from a lovely private school Inside-The-Perimeter™ called Westminster Schools where he was prolific and set several records along the way. Part of the 2013 recruiting class, he was a 3-star prospect and highly ranked by several recruiting outlets. His first two years on the Flats were…mediocre. Posting an honestly terrible 65.6% FG percentage and he missed a couple extra points too.

His second half was a respectable 78.5% FG percentage and perfect on extra points. Like my golf game, the back half is astoundingly better. Just like my friends ask, what gives??

It all hinges on one glorious moment called the Kick and the Pick. I’ll cover this in detail later but essentially, the game-saving 53-yard field goal to send 2014 Clean Old-Fashioned Hate into overtime catapulted his name into the spotlight and boosted his confidence in a major way.

Going Pro

Drafted in the 7th round by the Carolina Panthers, we were all really excited to see if he would make the team and continue his legacy. He was cut and signed to the practice squad in favor of K Graham Gano (a common practice for rookies). After an injury to K Cairo Santos, The Kansas City Chiefs signed him away off the practice squad (also a common practice).

Harrison Butker instantly made a name for himself hitting a game winner on Monday Night Football in his first game against the Washington football team. It was after this game that Chiefs HC Andy Reid famously called him, because Andy Reid doesn’t understand the internet.

Butker has been a consistent 90% FG kicker since then and enjoyed success alongside a stellar offense in KC. That percentage is second in league history and he holds numerous team records in only 4 short years. Ya boy got PAID this year signing a 5-year, 20.3 million extension. All of us here at FTRS are proud of his accomplishments and I am happy to draft him in every fantasy league ever for the rest of time.

However, This is not an NFL blog. We are humbly a Ramblin’ Wreck blog. So lets take a look back at a couple of his best moments at The Institute.

College Highlights

2015 vs Florida State. Miracle on Techwood Drive

Another famous moment in Georgia Tech Football History. Harrison Butker converted all 3 field goal attempts including a 53-yarder. This was a close game and certainly would not have come down to a blocked field goal return if not for his leg.

1st Quarter 53-yarder:

Bonus: Miracle on Techwood Drive

2014 at Virginia Tech.

We didn’t quite know how special this season would be at this point but Georgia Tech was undefeated and on the road at Virginia Tech. A rivalry that was just beginning to blossom was also a hard fought day. Justin Thomas balled out and carried the team but VT threw a game ruining INT at their own 40 and Georgia Tech worked to set up a 24 yard game-winner with no time remaining.

2014 at dwags. The Kick and the Pick

Another special game. It seems that Butker always came up clutch during rivalry games or maybe its that rivalry games come down to kicking. I remember exactly where I was during this moment (Mazzy’s of Kennesaw) and I feel like you might too. We know the result now, but this was a very tense moment. This kick HAD to go in and he had never made one from 50+, though he did hit a 49-yarder in 2013. It was an honest miracle.

I firmly believe that this single kick is the reason Harrison Butker is in the league at all. He became an instant hero at Georgia Tech and scouts took notice too. I’m thankful for this kick and I’m sure he is too.

Let’s just relish in it.

The kick-

The pick-

Watch for #7 in Chiefs red this Sunday and remember that boneless wings are just chicken nuggets. Enjoy the game!

Until next time,