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Georgia Tech Baseball: Best Case Scenarios


COLLEGE BASEBALL: APR 25 Georgia at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve taken a look at the roster, the schedule, and the conference — now all that’s left to do is to project out the season. Today, we’re going full MIND RITE hot takes.

Andrew Rodrigues

Borrell has a huge impact on the pitching staff, the freshman bats progress and develop well and we wind up in Omaha.

Akshay Easwaran

The ceiling is the roof...probably. With the most gold-tinted of glasses on, I can see Tech finding more power hitting to replace Kyle McCann, getting Borrell to squeeze all the juice out of the technique of his older pitchers to reinforce the bullpen, and eeking out (well, better than eeking out in this scenario, but there’s a touch of realism for you) series against its toughest opponents (Athens, UNC, Miami, etc.). All of that combined should lead to at least a Super Regional appearance — who knows where they can go from there?

Projected Wins: 45+

Projected Finish: ACC Coastal Winner, ACC Tournament Semifinals (or better), Atlanta Super Regional appearance (or better)

Jake Grant

Omaha is the ceiling. Georgia Tech returns enough veteran hitting, defensive talent, and coaching experience that, when combined with the analytics revolution, an influx of youngsters to bolster the roster, and pitching strides that the best case scenario may not be winning it all, but the Jackets could make a run late if everything lines up. Time to go knock on some wood.

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