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Mailbag 2/12

We talk football and procedurals!

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Any idea what the football team injury situation looks like? Of the dudes who had season ending injuries last year, who’s expected to be back for spring practice, and who will likely miss it? Anyone expected to still be out when the season kicks off?

Ben: Collins still doesn’t talk about injuries, and I haven’t seen anything else reported anywhere. I don’t know if they’ll all be back by the Spring, but I would be shocked if they weren’t back by the Fall.

Jeff: As Ben said we can’t say for certain as there aren’t a lot of details. Jalen Camp and Kenny Cooper underwent surgeries that weren’t disclosed, but they were early season and both took redshirts so I would assume they would at least be back by Fall. Jahaziel Lee had a broken fibula and redshirted as well. When the injury occurred it was estimated he would have some participation in Spring.

Who are the hot 2021 names to look out for?

Ben: I haven’t looked a whole lot at the 2021 class yet, but a couple guys I like so far are Eli Sutton and Cameron Ball.

Robert: A couple to add to that: DE Jonathan Jefferson, LB Chaz Chambliss, LB Barrett Carter (likely a UGA guy though), CB Ishmael Ibraheem, QB Walter Simmons, RB Cody Brown, TE Jordan Dingle (Justice’s brother).

Over under: 5 Star Signings (1) and 4 Star (5.5)?

Ben: I’ll say under on the 5-stars and over on the 4-stars.

Andrew: Under, there are not a lot of 5 stars out there.

Carter: Under on both.

Chris: Under, Over.

Jake: I’ll take the Chris Special please.

Robert: Under, Under. Regression to the mean. Also, I went to Tech, I’m a pessimist.

Jeff: Under, 247 only lists 28. Eight have already given verbals. I’ll gamble and take the over on this 4-stars since we got 5 this year.

Do y’all see anyone switching positions or playing two ways?

Ben: You’ll probably see some position shuffling throughout the Spring, but I don’t think there will be any players playing two ways like Jahaziel Lee did last year.

Robert: Look for Camp at TE, Luke Johns at TE, Jerry Howard at LB, and BJS at RB/Flex.

Jeff: I think the two-way player was to fill depth last year. I think if someone switches positions it will be for good.

If Parker Braun gets drafted do we count that as a win?

Ben: I don’t see why not.

Carter: Sure, as long as you note it’s a win for Paul Johnson.

Chris: Internally, yes. But I don’t wanna see us pulling an Ohio State w/ Joe Burrow -type move.

Jake: He has his degree, unlike Burrow. He’s a Tech Man that Got Out. That’s more than I can say until I get out, too.

And can I change his school from Texas to Georgia Tech on Madden next year?

Ben: I don’t see why not.

Carter: I don’t know, can you? (No, really, can you?)

Can someone talk to GT public relations and do a Butker Bobblehead night?

Ben: I don’t see why not.

Carter: They don’t respond to my emails anymore, for some reason.

Chris: Only if it’s the pose of him celebrating after The Kick.

Chau: sure, tweet us and we'll harass the right people

Jake: I didn’t have that kind of pull with GTAA marketing even when I had some pull GTAA marketing. Of all the marketable promotions, though, I’m sure someone somewhere has that on a list.

Jeff: Could someone convince the Braves to do this on GT night? They love bobbleheads!

If all the GT football teams had to play each other from the past 10 years, who would win and what would their record be?

Ben: I’m not entirely sure what you were going here, so I’m going to slightly alter it and just power rank Tech’s 2009-2019 teams!

  1. 2014
  2. 2009
  3. 2012
  4. 2016
  5. 2013
  6. 2011
  7. 2010
  8. 2017
  9. 2019
  10. 2018
  11. 2015

Chris: I mostly agree with Ben here, although I’d put 2016 at least one spot higher, swap 2017 and 2013, and put 2018 below 2015. An interesting call out here is at the bottom: what would happen in a matchup between 2019 and the worst CPJ team? I think I might claw my eyes out before the fourth quarter, but I’m honestly not sure who would win. SP+ favors 2018 over 2019 by 12.3 points and 2015 over them by 21. Still though, I can’t help but feel like 2019 would put up a fight against an extremely lackluster 2018 or an extremely bad-break-y 2015? Someone figure out how to simulate this in NCAA 14.

Chau: 2014. 9-0. End of discussion

Jeff: It would be 2009 8-1 (wins tie-breaker), 2014 8-1, 2016 5-3 and for the rest just assume “Coastal Chaos.”

Which football players do you think on the team now would be the best at different sports?

Ben: I’m gonna cheat a little bit and use a former player, but I think Parker Braun would do really well in wrestling (Greco-Roman, not Professional). With Greco-Roman wrestling, you need to be able to get low on your opponent, and Braun was dang good at that.

Andrew: Nate McCollum is a 10 rated player on Perfect Game for baseball. Perfect Game defines a 10 as “Potential very high draft pick and/or Elite level college prospect”

Chris: I’d put Juanyeh Thomas up against anyone in any kind of athletic competition.

Jake: Seconding Juanyeh based on what I’ve seen from him on a basketball court. If we want to change gears to basketball, put Moses Wright in tennis shoes and hand him a racquet, he grew up a solid tennis player in his hometown.

Barring injuries, it seems like we’re set at RB. Gibbs, Mason, Griffin, Howard. Do you guys think we will see some of the other lesser known backs transfer out by the time spring rolls around?

Ben: I would be surprised if all of the guys in the RB room now are still there after the Spring. Also, to address the rumor about Bruce Jordan-Swilling moving to running back, honestly I don’t really get it. Playing linebacker the last three years has stiffened him up, and he would be moving to a position that is even deeper. I will say, I kind of feel bad for him since he came to Tech to play linebacker (not his primary position in high school) to then play under three different coaches. On top of that, he’s also had to deal with injuries. It’s just a really crappy situation.

Andrew: I think you see multiple guys leave after the spring. I think Malloy is a prime candidate to leave, as is Smith or Ellison.

Chris: You’d have to think so. That’s a talented and young group of guys. If Gibbs lives up to his hype he’ll be the feature back for the foreseeable future.

Robert: I would expect three guys to not be in the RB room after the spring, accounting for position change and transfer.

Jeff: Tech still needs to reduce scholarships to reach the limit, and I expect Gibbs to be pushing Mason hard for the top spot. I’d not be surprised if Howard looked elsewhere. He has the ability to start for somebody.

Please Power rank your favorite Police Procedure (Cop) shows.

Ben: I don’t really watch a ton of procedurals, but I’ll rank some of the one’s I’ve seen!

  1. Psych
  2. Monk
  3. Elementary
  4. Hawaii Five-O (the new one)

Jake: I skew heavy towards the lighter side when I watch TV, which excludes a lot of cop shows, but, man, is Psych a well written show. Hilarious, smart, interesting, doesn’t take itself to seriously, and, most importantly, available on Amazon Prime Video.

With the addition of Jahmyr Gibbs, the buzz around Georgia Tech Football is that our backfield is absolutely loaded with talent. Dare I say that our backfield could be one of the best in the nation! Obviously, though, that’s gonna depend on how our offensive line performs and how Dave Patenaude calls games. Do you think fans can expect to see us run the ball more, whether it’s just the classic power running or the option game? And what other things might we see schematically to take advantage of the talent at running back, especially considering that some of these guys are also really good pass catchers?

Ben: I really don’t know to be honest. I’m a big fan of the skill positions Tech has at running back and wide receivers. At least at the beginning of the season, I think Tech will be a more run-heavy team, but I think Patenaude will try to move to a more balanced attack as the season progresses.

Chris: Agree with Ben. I’d imagine we’ll be a run-first team as long as it’s working, but Patenaude has shown a desire to do some different things so we’ll see what happens. I think it all will hinge on the O-line.

Robert: I would definitely expect more two back sets in the shotgun. Option and counter heavy run stuff, in the vein of what Auburn has done. I hope to see some of Gibbs split out wide and use jet motion as well. We need to use the RB talent to spread the field horizontally. I expect our run-pass ration to be in the 55-45 range.

Jeff: Maybe not while they are still young but if we can get the O-line fixed I can see Gibbs and Griffin as a top duo. I’d like the ratio to be more run than pass. That means you are not playing catch up to often.