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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Holding Back the Wave

There’s not much to talk about outside the Tulane WBB game.

“I present, THE BALL”
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

I’m sparing all who come here looking for their sports news a rant about the lack of a Homefield Apparel Tech selection...but expect an open letter on that later. It kind of took on a world of its own.

Last Week on the Flats

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Women’s Basketball (2-1)

Your Georgia Tech women’s basketball team is sitting pretty at no. 18 in the RPI ratings right now, which quite honestly was higher than I expected to see them. Of course, it’s still early and subject to fluctuation, but that their only loss is parked is three spots above them at no. 15 makes that make a bit more sense. This is what I get for clicking on the first link on Google instead of just going to the NCAA. None of that is true! Hooray! It’s actually worse. Great.

Anyways, Tech’s lone game this week was a midweek tip against Tulane, and it was definitely a close game, as Tech led by the minimum as time ticked down, before the Jackets pulled out a four point win. Tulane is a middling AAC team, so a more dominant performance would install more confidence in the team, but, as always, a win is a win. Diving into the box score, Lorela Cubaj’s double double is heartening to see, and my intuition is that it will take performances like those from Cubaj in quite a few games as we get into the conference schedule in order for the team to grit out wins.

As Coach Fortner has noted, the team is forced to run a short rotation somewhat out of necessity, and only eight players saw action in this outing. Of those, four played more than three full quarters, with Loyal McQueen approaching a full game’s worth of minutes. Thus, as McQueen, who was a highly-touted recruit, grows into the speed of the college game and Hermosa learns to fill bigger shoes in her second year, it is on veterans like Lahtinen and Cubaj to fill the scoring outlet void. The former hasn’t done as much as would be ideal so far, but Cubaj has to be the standout of the young season. So keep that up.

As far as gameplay goes, the first half was curiously low-scoring, as Tech led 23-21 at the halfway mark. That’s a football score more than it is a halftime basketball score. The Jackets didn’t ever stretch the lead in the second half, though, as they led by eight at the end of the third, which, yes, is more than two, but isn’t all that much. This would prove pertinent in the fourth, as Tech put in a quick two, but Tulane did their darnedest to make things close as they rallied down the stretch. Tech, however, held them just enough to eke out a win.

Eylia Love, a true freshman, was probably the unsung hero of the game, as she came of the bench and contributed ten points in the winning effort.

The team plays twice this coming week, which is weird since it is still finals week, but no matter, with Boston College coming in on Wednesday, and Tech heads to South Bend to face Notre Dame over the weekend.

This Week on the Flats

Data via, Arranged by Jake Grant

Quick Hitters

Pretty decent selection this week, what with Women’s Basketball having two ACC games already, but with how Men’s Basketball has been playing of late, their trip to take on Nebrasketball in Lincoln on Wednesday might be the best option if you can only pick one of the above.

Poll of the Week


Who are Georgia Tech MBB’s three most-play opponents since 1949-1950? (Answer in next week’s column)

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