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Mailbag 11/4

Is a hot dog a taco?

GPS Chili Verde Braised Pork Staff photo by Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

If CPJ was coach (minus CGC recruits), how many wins would it be and why is it still just 2? - Notwima13

Ben: Well, I think this might just be me, but if Nick Saban had been coaching at Tech as long as he’s been at Bama, Tech could be undefeated this year. Isn’t that crazy?

Stephen: Florida State, Syracuse, Louisville.

Jake: We absolutely would beat Syracuse and had a shot at Boston College, too. It’s definitely, without a doubt, more than two votes.

Chris: I think I’d go four: FSU, Syracuse, Louisville, BC.


Is LSU in a worse spot than GT? - Notwima13

Ben: I mean, Georgia Tech isn’t coming off a National Championship, so I’m going to say they are in a worse spot.

Akshay: Someone else is definitely going to give you a meme answer, so let me actually answer your question: no, absolutely not. LSU has hit a rough patch after putting together one of the greatest seasons in college football history and losing almost every major contribution to that season because of the draft or COVID. The Tigers are still the premier football attraction in the state, and, despite their budgetary foibles both because of COVID and because of Louisiana’s checkered history with public education budgeting, they are still minting money just by sheer existence in the SEC.

Stephen: There appears to be a problem in the Scouting Department on Ed O’s side of things - specifically, who he should have at his left and right side as coordinators. First, it was proclaimed genius Matt Canada who was (maybe rightly) run off. Now, it’s Bo Pelini. Cash here is the problem. They ain’t got the money to eat his $7M buyout right now unless things continue to crater even further. If it does get worse (don’t look at their schedule right now) - expect them to bring out the guillotine. But no, they are in a better spot than us in almost every single aspect of their existence. I can personally vouch for it.

Jake: Did we win a natty last year? Okay. There’s your answer.

Chris: noooooooope. LSU is miles ahead of us in recruiting and will always be able to put top talent on the field without batting an eye. Agreed with Stephen, they’ve got a bit of a coaching/management problem right now, but I think that’s easier to work through than trying to recruit for a brand-new offense in a state with a lot of competition.


Drew: I just checked their recruiting rankings. I can safely say that no.

Which fictional coach would you want to play for? - Notwima13

Ben: I like Coach Boone, but I don’t know that I would have wanted to play for him. He also isn’t a fictional coach, so I’m gonna say that I would want to play for the self-aware CPJ-bot we put in the staff Slack channel and give you no more information about that.

Carter: Coach Carter, obviously.

Stephen: Coach Boone was always my favorite, and I’m currently blanking on ficticious coaches at the moment, so that’s my answer.

Akshay: I’d play for Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights (note: I only watched two episodes of the series; do not ruin my opinion of this character, plz)

Jake: Does it have to be football? I think, if so, I’d say Gary Gaines. First off, the book of Friday Night Lights is far better than the show or the movies, and he’s a good (albeit a bit tortured and conflicted) guy.

Drew: Coach Marty Daniels

Chris: ^ Marty Daniels is the correct answer.

How was your candy haul? Also should a man in his 30s not trick or treat? Asking for a friend… - Notwima13


Stephen: There’s a lot of extra beer left in my “adult trick-or-treat” cooler - and a bunch of sour/fruity candy, which, quite frankly - sucks.

Jake: Only buy candy on November 1st. You’re welcome.

Drew: I just bought bags from Costco this year so I have a ton of everything.

What does that stupid GIF mean that Carter keeps using? - Notwima13



Jake: I don’t know either, to be honest.

Chris: I too am lost.

With the new Atlanta area code will we change our 404 style? - Notwima13

Ben: Atlanta has a new area code?



Chris: Nah. But for one second, imagine how funny that would be. Imagine a HYPE MACHINE built on the branding of 943 before anyone even gets a phone number.

If you could have any piece of GT swag, what would it be? - Notwima13

Ben: Can we just get some stuff that has consistent branding? But yeah, I would love to see some kind of partnership between Georgia Tech and Homefield.

Akshay: Basketball and baseball jerseys that actually look like what the teams wear.

Carter: I’d really love to have something with the old yellow jacket on it. Like the kind of thing you might find on Homefield Apparel, if the Institute would ever actually realize the money that could be made from a deal like that.


Stephen: Carter - I’ve got an old seat cushion with old buzz on it - it’s basically as thick as a pair of blue jeans at this point. But I’d go with either an Orange Bowl jersey (@Chau) or a helmet from the 50’s-60’s.

Drew: I want to steal a Tech T.

Jake’s Real Answer: I’m with Drew. I tried to build one, to mixed success. Otherwise, clothing-wise, I think the honeycomb helmet or a block T/old yellow jacket sweater. I like sweaters.

Chris: Carter’s answer 100%. I am holding a reserve of money for the day we finally get Homefield Apparel. The old yellow jacket is an incredible logo we just don’t use enough.

Why is the threshold for a highlighted comment 3 RECs? - Notwima13

Ben: Pretty sure this was Joey’s decision, but if I remember correctly, it got changed as the site community started growing a little more. Tbh it’s kind of an arbitrary number, so I can make it whatever I want. (sets Rec level to 1,000,000)

Akshay: Technology is hard.

Stephen: Technology is easy, people are hard. We’re not doing phrasing anymore.

Carter: Ask Joey.

Jake: Why not 4? Or 5? Or 2? Who knows?

Drew: I rolled a D20 dice and it came up 3.

Where are the best places to get Tech news since the AJC put in their paywall? - jabsterjacket

Ben: You go somewhere that’s not here? You should be ashamed!!! But yeah, if it’s not the stuff that Jake lists below, I’d say bite the bullet and support your local journalists and buy a subscription somewhere!

Carter: That...... is a good question. Is Coley Harvey still covering Tech for the Macon Telegraph?


Jake: No one beats FTRS for analytics, non-revenue sports, baseball, history, or random happenings and bye week content. I stand by that. Also, we have a comment section that is relatively sane. What’s not to like? Otherwise, I try to go straight to the sources: ACC Network,, and Georgia Tech Athletics’ Twitter and YouTube.

Chris: twitter dot com

Cold weather is here (finally), what is your go-to dish/recipe to celebrate the awesomeness that is FALL? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: I had some chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. It was amazing.

Stephen: If my wife/her grandma makes chicken and rice soup - that [styx] absolutely slaps. Cornbread on the side and you cannot beat it.

Carter: GUMBO.

Jake: Chili is excellent, Florida Corn (I don’t know if that’s a thing that exists outside my Illinois house), and hot apple cider with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, and a pinch of brown sugar on the stove - perfecto.

Drew: All sorts of soups and stews. But, I’m a native New Englander so give me clam chowder. (Or salmon chowder or fish chowder or any chowder).

Chris: Chili and beef stew are my two harbingers.

Which players currently on the roster do you expect to be starters in 2023? - fulltimesavage

Ben: As long as he’s still around, I expect Tyson Meiguez to be starting at linebacker in 2023. Honestly, I think he’s the linebacker with the highest potential on the team right now, and I wish he was getting some more time.

Stephen: Can’t even wrap my brain around that at this point in election coverage (timestamp 9:41pm EST)

Drew: If Gibbs, Ivey, and Brown are still around I could see them, but this is still insanely early.

Jake: I would’ve said Dedrick Mills would be starting in 2018 in 2016, so, what do I really know?

Which players currently on the roster do you think have the potential to be All-ACC players at some point in their careers? - fulltimesavage

Ben: Well, Sims, Gibbs, and Brown are all gimmes. Outside of those three, I’ll say Meiguez and Jared Ivey are two others to watch out for. As more of a dark-horse candidate, I could see Jordan Domineck getting at least an honorable mention nod one year.

Which players currently in the 2021 recruiting class do you expect to vie for early playing time? - fulltimesavage

Ben: Taking a brief look at the current class, the first name that really sticks out to me is Weston Franklin, who is projected to play guard. Offensive line play has...not been great this year, especially at guard, so I could see Franklin come in and compete for one of those spots. I’m also not sure Ryan Johnson comes back after this season.

Which players currently in the 2021 recruiting class do you think have All-ACC potential? - fulltimesavage

Ben: In addition to Franklin, I’m a big fan of Leo Blackburn and James BlackStrain. They are both big-bodied pass catchers who I think will make some nice targets for Jeff Sims.

I was going to take the bye week to ask if a hot dog was a taco, but I think there’s already a bunch at this point. - SullyGT

Ben: Before we can determine if a hot dog is a taco, I believe we first must determine what a taco is. Merriam Webster defines “taco” as “a usually fried tortilla that is folded or rolled and stuffed with a mixture (as of seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce)”. Using this definition, a hot dog could not be a taco unless it is made with a tortilla. However, I don’t think it’s quite that simple. Enter the Cube Rule, which states that you should identify your food based on where the structural starch is located. In using the Cube Rule, foods with structural starches are separated into possible categories: toast, sandwich, taco, sushi, bread bowl or quiche, and calzone, each with increasing numbers of sides that are the structural starch. There are also some bonus categories that make a Big Mac a cake and a steak a salad, so that’s also fun. Also for what it’s worth, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg says that a hot dog is a sandwich, and not a taco. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Akshay: This is a twist on the usual debate, so I will accept and defend this opinion to its fullest meme potential.

Stephen: Soft shell taco - only if it isn’t on a pretzel bun.

Carter: Pop tarts are ravioli.

Jake: The hot dog is not a taco because bread and tortillas are inherently different things. But I’m really here to say that the correct ingredients on a hot dog are a steamed red hot and a steamed poppyseed bun, topped with mustard, neon green relish, chopped onion, tomato wedges, a kosher dill pickle, whole sport peppers, and celery salt.

Hello Guys,

Hope you’re doing well today. It was another rough weekend. Well, let’s look on the bright side. At least we’re not LSU fans, or Michigan fans, or Kansas fans... I guess every program has its ups and downs; some are just higher and lower than others.

So my question this week, since I’ve spent the last few weeks wanting to get away, is what is the one place you want to visit before the end of your life? It can be a geographical place, a metaphorical place, or a place in time after some kind of theoretical scenario (like being at the game when an Atlanta team wins a sports championship; theoretical because we all know that will never happen). I would like to go to Japan once in my life. I dunno, I just think there’s a lot to see over there and I have always been interested in the japanese culture. So that would be my place I want to visit. How about yours? Have a good week,

Best Wishes,

Big Time Timmy Jim (submitted via email)

Ben: I really want to go to Ireland! It is some of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen (in pictures), and I’ve really just always wanted to go.

Carter: I love to travel, and that list is pretty long. But the lady and I decided on Australia and New Zealand for our honeymoon, so I’ll say that.

Akshay: I was at MLS Cup 2018 (and at the subsequent parade) when an Atlanta sports franchise won a championship for the first time in my lifetime, and lemme tell ya — it was a transcendent emotional experience. However, that comes with the caveat that MLS falls just outside the major American sports leagues and to many (myself included — to an extent), that victory didn’t break the curse. Watching an Atlanta sports franchise win a major American sports championship seems like a large ask, but c’mon man — just once before I move to the farm upstate?

Stephen: My wedding was during MLS Cup 2018 - so I’ll never experience joy in Atlanta sports firsthand. The wife and I spent one afternoon talking through all of the places we’d like to visit one day and interestingly enough, hers were all history-centric, while mine were experience based. I want to see a game at Anfield, watch Nadal at the French, the Grand Prix in Monaco, to be in Europe for the Euro’s at some point. I could go on for days. I’m pretty well traveled through the States, but my international experience is virtually zero. Metaphorical place? I want to be at a place where I can buy something and (realistically) not fret about what the price is. Speaking largely from a point of a homeowner with a wretched backyard that needs more work than I can shake a stick at, having a good 6 figures added to my bank account that never went away would be cool. Second metaphorical place: sitting with an entirely checked off to-do list that I’m currently staring at. If I could quit my job for 6 months with a blank check handed to me to accomplish it, I think I could get it done. If anyone wants to be an angel investor in my life, you know how to find me. The payback will be 60% of the capital gains on the future sale of my house.

Jake: I missed the opportunity of the lifetime when I missed the Cubs World Series parade in 2016 for my CHEM 1310 lecture (and due to some reticent parents). As far as sports go, whenever Tech winning it all (it has to happen at some point right?), I would love to see the Monaco Grand Prix as well, or the swimming relays at the Olympics. In terms of places in general I still want to see there’s quite a few that really really matter to human history — Auschwitz, Pompeii, the Great Pyramid, Jerusalem, Okinawa, the Great Wall of China, Pearl Harbor, the Hagia Sofia, the Panama Canal, Athens — some important cities — Madrid, London, Copenhagen, Budapest, Cape Town, Rio, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tokyo — that have to be up there. And, since I’m a crazy man who cares just as much, if not more, about returning to places I’ve already seen, like Maho Beach in St. Maarten, the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Vienna, Munich, Prague, and Paris. That’s a lot, and I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that.

Chris: Antarctica. I was this close a few years ago but our plane from Argentina wasn’t allowed to take off due to 80 mph winds and a 100 ft ceiling. Terrifying travel aside, Antarctica just fascinates me with how remote, hostile, and gorgeous is it. Ideally I’d like to go on one of the National Geographic ships that do like three weeks there.