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Yellow Jacket Roundup: One and One

Women’s Basketball and one.

Lotta-Maj takes it down the court.
Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

We’ve only got women’s basketball to talk about this week, so, if you want to get right to the point, that’s what you can expect.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — I know I’m probably biased here, but I think the ticket policy for basketball this year is absolutely fantastic. I’m glad students will be able to go to games, and it’s still probably the best to keep the amount of people coming in and out of campus as low as possible. What that means, though, is that, for the first time in many months, I went to three sporting events in three days.

So, what was it like in McCamish Pavilion? It was...surprisingly normal, just super empty. The only major aesthetic change was the removal of the courtside seats and the section between the courtside section and the Calloway Club. The major concession and retail change is the addition of alcohol to the McCamish refreshments lineup, though that shouldn’t be a big surprise.

What else do we have this week besides women’s basketball? Not much. At the very least, though, that’s something to talk about.

Last Week on the Flats

Women’s Basketball (1-1)

In lieu of a traditional game breakdown, I am going to go with pros and cons from the one I was able to watch end-to-end, because we need to shake things up every once in a while.


  • Lorela Cubaj and Nerea Hermosa did great work attacking the basket.
  • Sarah Bates knocked down a couple decent shots, including a contested 3 at the end to give some hope.
  • Good communication on the floor.
  • Great hustle on defense, turned a lot of 50/50 balls and rebounds that might have gone the other way into Tech possessions.
  • Clean game, fouls-wise.


  • Even though the refs weren’t calling fouls on drives to the rim and u[sic]ga was having success blocking it, they kept trying the same thing.
  • Letting u[sic]ga continue to have success down the baseline and deep into the basket.
  • No answer for the really, really tall girl from u[sic]ga - Jenna Staiti. Honestly, all of these had to do with her so far.


  • Where is Kierra Fletcher?
  • From the Georgia State game - who is the offensive spark? It was a slow game out of the gates before Tech hit their stride.

Really, the game was pretty good. Tech played a pretty game, and only ran into a couple skids where points were a little harder to come by. All in all, I wouldn’t change my outlook for the season - NCAA Tournament, once everything gets cleaned up, we will be just fine. Once Kierra Fletcher is back and the rotation - which is very small right now - settles down, I think Tech will be firing on all cylinders.

Best of the Week

  1. Simply Put, No Sports Happened this Week Besides the Duke Game

This Week on the Flats

Quick Hitters

We still don’t know where football will be on TV on Saturday and the next time I see a GTMBB game will be too soon, sorry, love the Jackets, but I need some space for a few days so, in the meantime, I recommend sticking to women’s basketball against Tulane. That’ll be at home on the evening of the 3rd.

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