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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Comes in Second

The women’s cross country team tries their darndest to do what volleyball did last week.

I just like this photo. Sorry for the lack of baseball.
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Is this the part of the article where I jam in a reference encouraging people to vote? Yes? No? But yeah, you should probably do that.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — I’m not sure what you all find most satisfying about a gameday on the Flats - and don’t say something lame, like “winning” - but I can say for certain that hearing the whistle break the morning still on a crisp fall morning just hits differently. Whereas in a normal year I’d be on Yellow Jacket Alley as the trio of whistle blasts that signal the imminent arrival of the team (roughly three hours from Toe Meets Leather) break through the sky, this weekend I was walking along Tenth Street and it took my completely by surprise. And for a moment, everything felt a little more normal. Then I exhaled, which went straight up to get out of my mask, and fogged up my sunglasses so bad I walked into a low stone wall.

Welcome to 2020...
where we keep getting into spitting distance of non-revenue sports conference championships. That’s new, too, and I think it’s a change I’m enjoying.

Last Week on the Flats

Last Week’s Schedule
Data via, Compiled by Jake Grant

No. 25 / NR Cross Country

In terms of actual competitions against live opponents from other schools, it’s just the running crew this weekend. The men and women, the latter of whom are now ranked in the polls, headed up to Cary, North Carolina for the ACC Championships late last week. What a race it was for the ladies, too. Though it’s easy to see a team that has a surprisingly high finish - Tech got 2nd in the conference, their best-ever ACC finish - and go, “well, gosh, why couldn’t they just get over that last hill?” And while titles are cool, no. 4 North Carolina State did not come to play, besting Tech and the rest of the field by posting a 47 to Tech’s 99. Remember, scoring low is good in cross country. So, basically, we’ll call ourselves pleased with the record-setting finish and the runner-up spot.

On their way to the silver status, Tech notched three All-ACC performances, good for their highest mark ever there, too. Nicole Fegans led the way this year, just as she has throughout the season. Her ninth place finish set the tone for Tech, while Liz Galarza and Mary Kathryn Knott were just behind her, sneaking into the top 15. Ellen Flood and Hannah Petit rounded out the scoring for Tech. All five of them are upperclassmen, and it has been a steady progression for the team since I started covering them higher and higher in their depth, star talent, and season achievements. The senior class, particularly Fegans, Flood, and Petit, have done a ton to elevate their program and change it for the better while they have been here, and with the NCAA announcing a March date for the NCAA Championships and Tech having a strong conference showing and a poll ranking to their name, I see no reason why they wouldn’t get an invite to the Big Dance, especially considering a lesser Tech team - not to disparage the accomplishments of the 2018 edition of the team - made it to Madison just two years ago. Two years between appearances sounds much sweeter that 17. Congrats again to the women’s cross country team on an astounding showing!

Although the women did well, the men, well, not so much. They wound up 12th as a team, a disappointing finish compared to the solid season they had been putting together up to this point. Senior Andrew Kent was Tech’s best finisher, coming in at 54th. It was a hard week for them - and, unlike the ladies, we probably can’t expect much in the way of an NCAA look.

Around Campus

Hot Corner gets pushed because I don’t have thoughts on the baseball White and Gold World Series put together yet. What I do have thoughts on is the John Portman statue Tech is building between Architecture, Van Leer, and the CULC. When that thing is done, it’ll be...something. I have been on the record several times saying the increase in statues with actual meaning on campus is a great thing, particularly the Yancey and Founders statues. The work honoring Portman, the father of the Atlanta skyline, make a lot more sense than a guy made out of sticks under a tree. The sculpture itself is a big, floaty-looking bunch of white rings. I would provide a picture, but I don’t think it’ll do it justice until it is done. It’s strange and modern, but I think it’ll look interesting, but not garish, and I love that they’re honoring a great Tech man. Excellent.

I’ve decided to just start posting the link to Tech’s COVID numbers, since the Institute has pulled the easily-ported-over numbers for an interactive chart. You can find those here.

Best of the Week

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This Week on the Flats

This Week’s Schedule
Data via, Compiled by Jake Grant

Quick Hitters

I’m not sure we are getting any stream of the swim meet this week, so, quite literally, there’s nothing to watch, not even football. And baseball is done. What is there even to do if no sports are on? I don’t know.

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