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Mailbag 11/18

What are you reading during Covid?

South Carolina v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Do you think as a community we should be mindful of how we present ourselves as a fanbase or should we just be who we are and let the dominoes fall where they will? - Notwima13

Ben: I think we should be mindful of how we present ourselves, but I also don’t take issue with holding coaches accountable for their poor decisions. Personally, I think it’s crazier that the person in question thinks Will Muschamp would do well as the defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech. He is an average (at best) coordinator who would ask for a whole lot more than he’s worth. I’m not Andrew Thacker’s biggest fan, but if Tech is going tor replace him, Muschamp isn’t the move.

Jeff: Eh, I mean you shouldn't be a jerk to someone over a sport but other than that you can't tell someone how to be a fan. Usually your die hard fans are always illogical and spout off.

Chris: I think we should be somewhat mindful, but kinda as Jeff said, everyone is gonna be a fan in a different way. But you definitely don’t want to gain a reputation as a fanbase.

Jake: Good reputations are reputations too, and much harder to build.

Carter: A couple months ago I said no one should be allowed to be a fan of anything, and I was mostly joking, but as time goes on I’m starting to believe it more and more.

With the Pitt game getting postponed last week and the Miami game getting postponed, do you think we play another game this season? Should we? - chrisforrence

Ben: At this point, I don’t know that many more games will happen this season. We are coming up on Thanksgiving, and a lot of schools aren’t having students come back after the break, so I wouldn’t be that surprised to see another spike, which if that happens, I don’t see many more games happening. I certainly think teams will try, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Jeff: I think we may get the Duke game in but I don't see the ones being postponed being played into the break. I think a lot players across the nation are going to sit out if their team isn't in the running for a title.

Chris: I’m not confident.

Carter: It’s looking really bad. I’m not super optimistic on many of these December games getting played, unless the powers that be say “screw it” and push the postseason to January.

Robert: I wouldn’t bet on it. There’s been no letup in the rate of positive cases, hospitalizations, or deaths. I think they will try to get more games in, but for teams like us with nothing to play for, I think we may be close to the end of the season.

Jake: I don’t know. Seems harder and harder to avoid it.

Can everyone, like, stop getting the Rona? - SullyGT

Ben: Man, I wish.

Jeff: I plead the fifth!

Chris: imo this is the right strategy.

Jake: That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Carter: Be nice, huh?

Besides FTRS, what are you listening to, watching/streaming, reading since it doesn’t look like we are getting out of house arrest any time soon? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: I got a Switch pretty recently, so I’ve been spending a lot of time doing that, but I also have been rewatching the original Pokemon anime because why not.

Jeff: I've been reading an old fantasy novel series based off D&D, The Legend of Drizzt. It has 36 books so I have plenty of content. Outside of that my toddler and baby keep me plenty busy.

Carter: We just binge-watched the latest season of The Crown, and, uh, I’m supposed to not like the royals, right? We’ve since moved on to The Good Place. In the mean time, I’m playing through all of the Kingdom Hearts games, a series that I had not played at all before this year.

Chris: I just finished The Sopranos and am still intermittently re-watching Star Trek TNG. I’m reading my way through the Foundation series as well.

Jake: I watch tooooo much YouTube, there’s really content there for everyone. Otherwise, books about history!

Robert: A couple recs that cover different genres from me: I’m reading a book called Political Visions and Illusions that has been super helpful in the midst of the political season we are in. Split Zone Duo is a podcast reboot of PAPN. Highly recommend for those interested in the broad narratives around college football. I watched The Wire for the first time over the past six months, and it’s such a brilliant show.

Is this the year the G5 makes a statement and the CFP setup gets changed to accommodate more G5 teams? Or is the CFP going to say “but COVID” and things go back to normal next year? - jabsterjacket

Ben: If it’s going to happen, this will be the year a G5 school finally makes the CFP. But yes, the NCAA will absolutely say “but COVID,” and it will almost certainly never happen again.

Jeff: I believe one of them gets in because there are several still unbeaten. They just better not get steamrolled or this debate will be put to rest.

Carter: There’s a decent chance the playoff committee has to choose between a 7-0 Ohio State team and a 10-0 Cincy team, and oh boy am I glad I’m not any of them.

Robert: I have zero faith that the CFP will give the G5 a bid, despite the dominance of both Cincinnati and BYU so far.

Jake: Honestly, I think they should, but the cynic in me knows they won’t.

Hello Guys,

Hope you’re having a good week. I’m pretty tired this week. all the games getting cancelled led to me doing productive things with my time and now I’m burnt out; so no misleading speal this week.

My question this week is what is your dream car? Mine is a Lotus Elise. Anyway hope y’all have a nice week.

- Mr. Sandman (submitted via email)

Jeff: I saw a Lotus Elise when I was younger and thought they looked pretty cool. But I complain about getting out of my Cruze so I may not like those either. I would love an Audi R8 though.

Jake: I have an irrational attachment to the Chevrolet SuperSport but I think if I could have any one, it would be a Model A. So cheap, so on brand. I don’t need to go fast, but I want to, like, feel the drive.