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Countdown to Tipoff: Khalid Moore

Moore Looks To Take A Big Step Forward In His Junior Year

NCAA Basketball: Morehouse at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Forward | 6’7 | 200lbs. | Junior

2019-2020: 3.3PTS 2.1REB 1.1AST

Khalid started the season as a starter often playing 30 or more minutes per game. Then Jordan Usher returned and the Ball State disaster led to Georgia Tech retooling its offense. Moore moved to the bench and started seeing a lot fewer minutes. By the end of the season he had started getting some minutes back, but it was still mostly situational dependent.

Coming into GT the rub on him was that he was looking to be a very good defender who needed to develop skills on offense. So far that’s turned out to be true. His defense is his true strong suit. He’s got the length and athleticism to guard up and down the lineup. During the early season he almost always got assigned to the opponents best perimeter player (unless they were a point guard) when they played man defense. Josh Pastner has done a good job of putting out a solid defense no matter who’s playing, but having a stopper like Khalid makes things way easier.

Unfortunately the offensive side of his game hasn’t developed. He was pretty terrible by just about any measure (stats or eye test) offensively last year. His eFG% and was 36.6 and TS% was 40%. That is really not good for such a low volume player. He turned the ball over a ton (27.6% was the highest on the team). He shot 28% from three and just 51.1% from the free throw line. In college you can get away with being a poor offensive player with shutdown defense, but you can’t be a total black hole. That’s what Khalid was last year.

Moore has a clear path to game time this year. The 3 is just him and Jordan Usher unless Pastner goes with a lot of small lineups and Michael Devoe at the 3. On the other end there’s a ton of uncertainty with the big men. Moses Wright is the only one who will clearly play this year. Moore could slide up to the 4 in a lot of lineups or even the 5 in an extreme small ball situation.

That, of course, is contingent on an offensive improvement. I bet he’s in the gym every day working on his free throws and jump shots. It is very possible that he comes into this year with an improved shot and confidence on offense and becomes a major piece on the team.