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Technical Tidbits 10/8: Tech Prepares For A Historical Night

Tech plays its first Friday night game at Bobby Dodd Stadium since the ‘50s.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of interesting historical tidbits in this article. On Friday night, the Yellow Jackets will play their first Friday night game since 1958. For several reasons over the years, Tech has declined to play on Friday night. One primary reason is deference to high school football, as Friday night is seen as their time. Interestingly, as the article points out, this did lead to Thursday night football, which Tech was partially responsible for. Apparently head coach Geoff Collins consulted with local high school football coaches and received their approval before the team agreed to the upcoming game.

This article is focused more on Louisville than it is Georgia Tech, but it is relevant as the Yellow Jackets are facing off against the Cardinals this week. Consistency on the defensive side of the ball is something the Cardinals have been hoping to establish. One statistic they are hoping to improve on, as the article points out, is tackles for a loss. Friday’s game may turn out to be a good test of the Yellow Jackets offensive line and its pass protection and run blocking.

This article features a lot of Twitter posts featuring the Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team. They don’t officially begin their preseason practice until next week. The posts are of the team’s off-season skill work. The season is due to begin in November.

It was interesting to read about Jordan Domineck and his switch to defensive end from linebacker. As the article discusses, initially Domineck was not pleased with the switch and this had an effect on his performance on the field. But slowly he came around and during the offseason he put in significant effort, even bulking up to 250 pounds. His positive mindset has garnered him attention from head coach Geoff Collins who has noticed his enthusiasm on the field.