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Technical Tidbits 10/05: Louisville, Tech Preview, Basketball Updates

UGA-Tech basketball game may be cancelled.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This article does a good job of breaking down both Louisville’s and Tech’s football teams and their key contributors. The Cardinals are yet to win a game on the road, but the bad news for the Yellow Jackets is that, as the article points out, they have lost six of their last seven home games. That’s not a good number for head coach Geoff Collins in his second season. The Yellow Jackets are on a two game skid after the disappointing loss to Syracuse. As stated in the article, they have been playing very sloppy and through turnovers and other mistakes. Because of this Tech has continued to be its own worst enemy. Hopefully the bye week did them some good.

The Yellow Jackets do have a much better run game than last year. And maybe the run game could be a reliable source for offensive production given some of the issues the team has had in the passing game. Turnovers being the biggest factor. Tech will have to be more disciplined and avoid mistakes as well, as pointed out in the article, penalties have been costly for the team. Another item the article discusses is the team’s performance on kickoff returns and coverage. After the first play of the season, there hasn’t been as many explosive returns.

The NCAA basketball season continues to evolve as schedules see shifts and the season’s official start date is pushed back. Games are being rescheduled. Tech basketball coaches Nell Fortner and Josh Pastner certainly have their work cut out for them as they try to figure out the team’s schedules. And unfortunately, there’s a chance that, like football, there will be no rivalry game between Georgia Tech and UGA. Hopefully as they figure out the non-conference games, there’ll be a way to keep COFH on the schedule.

The Yellow Jackets baseball team added a new coach. Zeke Pinkham has joined the staff as a volunteer assistant coach. Welcome to The Flats!