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Technical Tidbits 10/28: Tech Prepares For Notre Dame

Tech faces another challenge this weekend against No.4 Notre Dame

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

This article breaks down some of the numbers leading up to Georgia Tech’s upcoming game against Notre Dame. The statistical overview is pretty interesting as you can see both the offensive and defensive numbers side-by-side. It’s pretty apparent that one big problem the Yellow Jackets have is its offense can’t keep up with the points and yardage that its defense is allowing. Of course, that’s not to only put blame on the defense; the offense has certainly put the defense in tough positions several times through untimely turnovers and other mistakes. The back-to-back blow outs the Yellow Jackets have suffered and that the article mentions play a factor in these numbers as well. Let’s see what the results of Saturday’s game do. I’m not expecting Tech to win, but it would be nice to see them play a clean game, and that may be enough to avoid another embarrassing loss.

In a football season that makes it clear that Tech is still entrenched in its rebuilding effort, it’s nice to read about a Tech team that is winning games. Thankfully for Yellow Jackets fans the volleyball has been a welcome escape from football as this article points out. The team has some talented players, is ranked 8th, and is guaranteed at least a share of first place in the ACC. That’s not too bad at all.

In more volleyball news junior Mariana Brambilla was named ACC Player of the Week. Brambilla turned in an impressive performance last week against Clemson that helped the Yellow Jackets secure a two-match sweep of the Tigers. Congratulations to her! #GoJackets

The title of this article says it all. Tech will be wearing its throwback “Black Watch” uniforms in its upcoming game against Notre Dame. I saw the jerseys advertised for sale on the school’s official athletics site. They don’t look too bad at all.

While a lot of folks may be imagining the worst, some are keeping a positive attitude in regards to Tech’s football program. This article focuses on how head coach Geoff Collins is maintaining a positive attitude on where the program is heading in his second season. This Twitter post from GT Football displays a good example of Collins’ positive energy: