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Technical Tidbits 10/22: Insights From BC Coach’s Interview And Other Tech Athletics News

Jeff Hafley, coach of Boston College comments on upcoming game with Georgia Tech.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This article focuses on Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley’s recent press conference to discuss the upcoming game between his Eagles and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. There were some interesting points that Hafley made regarding Tech’s statistics and how those numbers (almost certainly) were “warped” by the recent Clemson game. On paper, the Yellow Jackets probably looked a lot better before that game. Like Tech, Boston College is recently transitioning from a previous offense that was more heavily run focused, though not exactly the triple-option. Regardless of statistics and numbers, I think the matchup should be a good one, but Tech will have to play a clean game like it did against Louisville to give itself the best chance at coming away with the W.

It has been nice to see the initiative that the athletics program at Georgia Tech has taken this election cycle. I remember earlier in the year, Tech athletes were pushing for a day off from mandatory athletic activities on election day, which makes perfect sense. The Yellow Jackets’ McCamish Pavilion will serve as a polling location as the article mentions. Also, which is not too surprising given their recent activism, 95% of Tech’s student-athletes are registered to vote.

Georgia Tech’s volleyball team has been off to a pretty impressive season so far. Ranked No. 9 in the nation, the Yellow Jackets will be hosting Clemson for two matches that will take place today and tomorrow. Both matches begin at 5:00 PM and will take place at O’Keefe Gymnasium. The matches will be televised on the ACC Network. The Yellow Jackets have won the last seven matches in the series and hopefully after Friday they will have extended their streak against the Tigers to 9. #GoJackets

For anyone who still reads the AJC since its paywall initiative has taken effect (or if you still have any free previews this month), here’s an article on Tech quarterback James Graham. He’s apparently accepted a role as the backup quarterback for the Yellow Jackets. That’s about as much of the details of the article as I can comment on as I’m not planning on paying to read the AJC.