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Technical Tidbits 10/21: Yellow Jackets On The Road Again

Tech travels to face Boston College in Week 6.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

This article provides a good preview of Georgia Tech’s football matchup with Boston College on Saturday, October 24th. One interesting fact the article mentions is Tech’s 4th place ranking in takeaways, having forced 11 so far this season. There’s also some interesting facts about the series between Tech and BC that are ominously similar to the one with Syracuse. For example, the Yellow Jackets lead the series (7-2). They are undefeated against the Eagles while on the road. Does this all point to another undesirable first within the Geoff Collins’ era? As the article points out, it has been almost a month since the Yellow Jackets have been on the road. Hopefully they can come away with a road victory like they did against Florida State to open the season. Both teams are 2-2 in the ACC. We’ll know by Saturday.

This article provides another good preview of Tech’s game against Boston College. However, it provides more statistical insight into the Yellow Jackets football team. And there’s some pretty interesting numbers. Jahmyr Gibb’s 299 yards and 2 touchdowns is impressive considering there’s a lot of talent in Tech’s backfield and he didn’t get any significant playing time until the team’s second game. Freshman quarterback Jeff Sims’ numbers look good to, but the 6-to-9 touchdown to interception ratio is definitely a number that he can hopefully improve on as the season continues. Also, the sack leader(s) for the Yellow Jackets have at most two sacks on the season. Hopefully that’s a number that improves as well.

In anticipation of the upcoming basketball season (it feels weird saying that considering the NBA finals were less than two week ago), here’s a look at some recent Tech legends. The photos are of Tech players from the past decade.

So, apparently the Eagles’ tackling was so bad in Boston College’s last game against Virginia Tech that their coach mandated a crash course in tackling. They missed over two dozen tackles, several of which could have led to loss of yardage. Understandably a team will look to improve on its weak points. Hopefully there’s some of that weakness left over for Saturday’s game that Tech can exploit to its advantage. At 2-3 overall, the Yellow Jackets are looking to get back to .500 with a win on the road.