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Technical Tidbits 10/16: Antonneous Clayton Earns the Number Nine

Clayton is the latest recipient of a single-digit jersey number.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse
Chorus really needs to update their pictures of Georgia Tech.
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By now, most Georgia Tech fans know the story of Antonneous Clayton. A top-30 recruit in the class of 2016, Clayton initially signed with Florida. With the Gators, an early injury restricted his playing time and he was never able to unlock his full potential. Clayton transferred to Tech in 2019, but was unable to get a waiver to participate in the 2019 season. He did not give up, though, and became a great player on the scout team. In his first two games with the Yellow Jackets this season (he was injured against FSU and UCF), Clayton has already recorded two sacks. For all of his dedication, Tech Head Coach Geoff Collins gave Clayton a coveted single-digit jersey number, 9. Congratulations, Antonneous! Keep it up!

Here’s the “Above the Line” chart for tomorrow’s game against Clemson. As always, there is not much to report, especially because players returning from injury are not listed and the coaching staff always seems to use players who aren’t on it throughout the game. Take from it what you will.

In what is becoming a pattern for the Georgia Tech volleyball team, they won in a sweep against Wake Forest yesterday afternoon. In fact, the second set ended 25-6, which is the biggest set win I’ve ever seen in college volleyball (not that I have much experience). Next week the Jackets will end the season with two games against Clemson in Atlanta. For more in-depth analysis, check out my colleague Jake Grant’s analysis in his weekly “Yellow Jacket Roundup” this coming Monday. He knows what he’s talking about a lot more than I do.

The Georgia Tech Marching Band is one of the organizations that has faced the most change with the COVID-19 pandemic. Each time they practice, they deal with many people blowing air, not a great way to stop the spread of the virus. Luckily, the Band has made some changes that curtail the risk of COVID. These include splitting the band in two to better physical distance at football games and having some members wear two masks when playing their instruments. We’re still hearing “Put on for my City,” that’s what matters to me.

Here are Georgia Tech’s captains for tomorrow’s matchup with the Tigers! The game will kick off at 12 p.m. ET on ABC. Go, Jackets!

Question of the Day: Anything you takeaway from the “ATL” chart?