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Mailbag 1/29

Happy Superb Owl Week!

AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Where should we raise/dump the next big lump of money to aid our Athletic efforts?

Ben: Depends on how bold you wanna be. You could always do more stadium improvements. You can fund non-revenue scholarships. You can throw it into a fire men’s basketball. Personally, I’m gonna agree with Andrew below and say fund non-rev scholarships.

Andrew: We should fully fund all of the non-revenue scholarships.

Carter: Death to the upper north stands!

Jake: Fully fund the non-revenue scholarships is vital. That frees up so much working capital to invest in those programs and various facilities around campus. Keeping the best pool in the nation and the best baseball and softball fields in the country, etc. is not cheap. Otherwise, more boxes at Bobby Dodd. There’s essentially an insatiable pit of demand there, so might as well tap into it.

What does men’s basketball, at 9-11 and 11 games left, need to do get an NCAA tournament bid?

Ben: Winning the ACC would be the cleanest path.

Andrew: Unfortunately, the ACC is in a down year where just having an above .500 record would get you into the the big dance. If we can end up above .500 and win a few in the tournament, that might help. We also need Ball St to win the MAC.

Carter: An act of god. Unfortunately, god’s away on business.

Jake: Win an appeal...

Will Butker be MVP of the SB?

Ben: I’d be ecstatic if he did, but he’d have to be the only person to score in the game with KC winning like 24-0 or something.

Carter: I looked it up, and the only special teams player to ever be named Superb Owl MVP is Desmond Howard, in 1997 (the 31st Superb Owl). So, it’s unlikely. But hey, maybe Butker nails, like, three 55+ yard field goals in a game similar to last year’s? It could happen.

Jake: As long as he walks away with a ring, I’ll be happy.

With the addition of Cochran, as well as Ryan Johnson and Cooper coming back from injury, does that change your expectations for 2020?

Ben: It definitely makes me more confident that the offense can make a sizable jump this season. I think the skill positions are really good, and now the offensive line has gotten a lot better too. The biggest thing I want to see now is how the quarterback play is.

Andrew: It changes it a little. I am hoping we see a huge jump in the execution and ability of the offensive line. I still think we have a really hard schedule.

Carter: Cochran was a top OL in the SEC, which means 1) he’ll slot into a starting position immediately, and 2) he won’t need to develop like the other incoming OL. This is all great news! Now, pray to whichever god(s) you believe in he stays healthy.

Jake: Anything to boost that line is going to have positive ripples throughout the offense. I think that’ll yield dividends in the fall. How much? I don’t know. I’m the non-rev guy, after all.

Going into Spring Practice, how would you rank our current QBs?

Ben: Going into spring, it’s definitely an open competition, but Andrew is right on the money.

Andrew: Graham, Yates, Sims or Gleason

Carter: Right now, they’re all ABOVE THE LINE.

Who is most likely to redshirt between Sims and Gleason?

Ben: My guy says Sims as I think he has a little more room for development, but if neither of them outright win the job, I think they both will.

Andrew: I don’t really know, ask me again after spring ball. We also have to remember the 4 game red-shirt rule, so you might see them both get some time.

Carter: I feel like they’re equally likely right now. They’ve enrolled and that’s about it. Get back to me after spring practice.

Could Sims be the next Lamar Jackson?

Ben: I sure hope so!

Carter: Lamar Jackson? Heisman winner Lamar Jackson? Potential NFL MVP Lamar Jackson? Guy who dragged Bobby Petrino part 2 era Louisville to decency Lamar Jackson? .....sure, why not?

How have you guys been doing?

Ben: I really appreciate this question! So far, 2020 has been pretty kind to me, and I’m hoping that continues.

Carter: Well, I got engaged a couple weekends ago, so that’s pretty nice.

Jake: Well, having to jump into Senior Design and the first of graduate classes (hooray for the BS/MS program in ME) has been an interesting transition, but I’ve been able to spend not only more time writing, but more time in the pool, at sporting events around campus, and find a regular time for podcasting. I’d say those are all pluses. Now just gotta three-peat the College Club Swimming national championships.

How about you? How are you, commentariat?