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Technical Tidbits 1/17: Bobby Dodd Stadium Getting Upgrades, Yellow Jackets Hosting Defending National Champions, And Other News

New LED stadium lights for Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

So, it looks like the lights over Bobby Dodd Stadium are due for an upgrade. The article points out some of the improvements Tech fans can expect to the stadium by the spring game and by fall. Bobby Dodd Stadium is the oldest “on-campus stadium” as mentioned in the article. This quote from Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury regarding the stadium lights reveal how out-dated they were: “we finished the year with baling wire and duct tape,” Stansbury said. Yeah, I imagine those LED stadium lights will be a welcomed upgrade.

It was an unfortunate loss for the Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team on Wednesday. However, they’ll get a chance to bounce back tomorrow night when they host the defending national champions. The University of Virginia will be in town on Saturday for an 8:00 PM tip-off. As the article points out, this is a different team from last year as it has lost a lot of its offensive might due to the NBA draft. However, they’re still solid on defense. Hopefully the Yellow Jackets can pull of what would be an upset against the Cavaliers. #GoJackets

Well, this article doesn’t exactly praise the Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team, referring to them as OK. It does, however, point out how the Yellow Jackets may make the NCAA tournament this year, ending its recent drought. To do that, Tech will have to play better than they did on Wednesday. Having won its last three home games against the Cavaliers Tech does have history on its side. It should be an interesting game tomorrow.

This article features a short interview with Yellow Jackets basketball player Malachi Rice. This series has been a great way to get a candid look at some of Tech’s athletes. I found it interesting that Rice is an Alabama football fan. I guess I’m fine with that. After all, it’s technically fine to be a fan of any team that gets to beat up on UGA on a nearly annual basis.