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Technical Tidbits 9/9: 2020 Class Gets 21st Commit

Offensive lineman Ryan Spiers commits to Tech; Golf team wins the Carpet Capital Collegiate.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 season is in full swing, Tech has its first victory, and there’s another home game just days away. This all hasn’t stopped the recruitment cycle. The 2020 class added its 21st commitment with offensive lineman Ryan Spiers. Spiers, who is from Biloxi, Mississippi, announced his commitment on Twitter yesterday. This is the sixth offensive lineman of the 2020 class. It looks like offensive-line coach Brent Key will be inheriting a solid group of offensive linemen come next season. Tech suffered injuries to key offensive line personnel during Saturday’s victory over USF. So it can’t hurt to add more linemen to the depth chart.

Here’s some of Geoff Collins’ postgame quotes. It definitely wasn’t a pretty win on Saturday, and I think Collins does a good job of acknowledging this. To me, the most significant quote includes the part where Collins speaks of the offense and says, “we’re all starting to put the pieces together a little more, but there’s still a lot more we can do.” That unit is definitely a work in progress, but I think this previous game was more indicative of where it stands and how it can perform against a more typical opponent (Clemson was far too difficult a defense to judge this group against). In a way, what the offense showed us (or didn’t) may be of greater concern. I think it will have to do a lot more. 14 points was enough this time, but it won’t be enough in the future.

So, we mentioned already how the offense needs to do more in the future. It certainly does owe credit to the defense which was able to hold the Bulls to 10 points. 14 points just won’t cut it against the opponents that remain on the schedule. I do believe the defense is going to be a difference maker for this team this year. But it too still needs to make improvements. It will be interesting to see what it does against the Citadel on Saturday. I’m expecting it still has some familiarity with the offensive system they run.

A big congratulations to the Yellow Jackets golf team. The #3 ranked Yellow Jackets won the Carpet Capital Collegiate at The Farm Golf Club this past weekend. Congratulations!