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Technical Tidbits 9/19: A Closer Look at the Jackets’ Basketball Schedule

It might not go too well.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at N.C. State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of Saturday’s events, it might be a good idea to look ahead two months to basketball season. Although that could go pretty poorly as well. UNC and Duke back to back? Great. Luckily, those two games are near the start of the Jackets’ ACC schedule, so the rest will seem relatively easy. Maybe. Probably. I hope so.

This is a big year for Josh Pastner & co., so let’s hope the Jackets surprise a lot of people.

Although he didn’t have to, it was very nice for Geoff Collins to try and rally fans during an unscheduled radio show appearance on Monday. I like the gesture, and even though he didn’t take questions, putting himself out there like this after a big loss is a great way to try and win support back.

Georgia Tech’s golf team could be very good this year, it’s currently ranked number three in the nation and has the current U.S. Amateur Champion on the roster for another year. The upcoming Olympia Fields/Fighting Illini Invitational in Illinois will be a major early test for the Jackets, and we should be able to see what they’re made of this weekend. Good luck golf team!

I really enjoy the basketball team’s videos that detail ways they are trying to improve this offseason, especially on offense. Let’s hope that these improvements show themselves against opposing teams, instead of just in practice.

Question of the Day: How do you feel about Geoff Collins’ radio appearance Monday night?