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FTRS Picks, Week 4: How did Georgia get back-to-back home games with Notre Dame, anyway?

Plus: Conference games, of actual import!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 New Mexico at Notre Dame
These guys wear red, just like Georgia. It’ll be a piece of cake!

Folks, let’s talk about the ACC: it’s bad. Why is it bad? Maybe because the coaches don’t know how to win games. Who’s to say?

Now let’s move on to something not as bad as ACC football: El Assico, which ended when Iowa State, attempting to field a punt return, saw a gunner run clear into the returner as the ball hit him in the back. Never change, El Assico.

Unfortunately, the assyness was not limited to the football field, as the batting average for last week’s picks was significantly under .500. Congrats to Ched (who is not a Chad) and Clemo2121 for “rising” above the competition. Sorry about that 0, donkeygoatrunner. It doesn’t look like running those donkeys and goats to make your picks worked out for you this time. There are a handful of people in the lead overall, but we’re still very early in the season.

#10 Utah Utes (-4) @ USC Trojans

This week in #Pac12FootballFriday, Utah and USC meet for a game that could set the tone for the Pac-12 South. Just as we all expected, as opposed to Utah driving another nail into Clay Helton’s coffin. The Trojans have found new life after suffering abject disaster when starting quarterback JT Daniels was lost for the season, and should in theory feel good about the season so far, even on the heels of an OT loss against BYU in Provo..... the problem is, Utah housed that BYU team back in week 1. So here’s hoping the Trojans can find some magic this Friday, otherwise Helton might find that seat that had just cooled off start to warm back up.

Pick: Utah

#11 Michigan Wolverines @ #13 Wisconsin Badgers (-3.5)

This game features an unstoppable force and an immovable object, and also the Michigan Wolverines. In two games, the Badgers have scored 110 points, while allowing zero. Is this sustainable? Absolutely not, as Michigan should provide a tougher test than (Central) Michigan and USF. But the Wolverines still struggled against Army two weeks ago, and if they’re expecting Camp Randall Stadium to be more accommodating, well, that’s not happening. Is that voice in your head telling you you really missed your window last year, Wolverines? ‘Cause it should be.

Pick: Wisconsin

#8 Auburn Tigers @ #17 Texas A&M Aggies (-3.5)

Following Auburn is great, because no one knows what they’re going to do at any moment in any game. Not even Auburn themselves! Bo Nix (AKA the Second Doctor Bo) has shown a lot of raw power as the Tigers’ freshman quarterback — and by raw, I really do mean unrefined, as it took playing against Kent State to have a completion percentage over 52%. Will that be an issue against Texas A&M, who held Clemson — a team that has destroyed and will destroy everyone else on their schedule — to just 24 points? It might be! But it might not. As I said, no one realllllly knows.

Pick: Auburn

Oklahoma State Cowboys @ #12 Texas Longhorns (-6)

Though some consider the state of Texas’s back-ness to be settled, this is far from the truth, and the matter is still in fact up for debate. Gonna need more than two wins against CUSA schools to be convinced, Longhorns. And hey, look, it’s the start of conference season and you’ve got the ‘Pokes coming to town. Will a win mean you’re back? No, but it will earn you Back Points, which, if you accrue enough, can eventually be redeemed to earn full Back status. Good luck!

Pick: Texas

#7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ #3 Georgia Bulldogs (-14.5)

The last time these two met, Georgia took over Notre Dame’s stadium. I mean, look at that picture and tell me that doesn’t look exactly like Sanford Stadium. Both are old, decrepit tombs full of people who can’t stop talking about the past. But it seems unfair to compare the two teams — sure, both have suffered crushing defeats to Alabama in championship games this decade, but whereas Notre Dame is second in FBS in winning percentage and NFL draft picks, Georgia just has a history of being second.

Pick: Notre Dame

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