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Bye Week Power Rankings: CFB Stadiums Edition

What some are calling the ultimate bucket list

I want to share with you, the reader, a ranking. It is my personal list of stadiums I would like to attend. There will be pictures. There will be explanations where I see fit. I will have attended some of these stadiums, others, I will attend in the future. I would like each reader with an account to post a comment with their own personal Top 5 Bucket List Stadiums.

This list is of course subjective, and each might have their own tastes. I respect that. BUT I WILL SHOVE MY FOOT UP YOUR JOHN BROWN HIND PARTS if you say my list is wrong.

#1 - Tiger Stadium

Coach O lives here. I’m going to the Florida game on October 12. I bought a Leonard Fournette jersey for this. You can’t fathom how physically excited I am to be in this atmosphere. I might not be able to make the eight-hour drive back home on Sunday. If so, just somebody mail me my work computer and I’ll tell my boss I’m not coming back home. Next.

#2 - The Rose Bowl

i love these damn flyover pictures...

I feel like this one doesn’t need explaining. Bonus points if there’s a huge color discrepancy between the two sides and both fanbases have sent a roughly equal number of fans to Pasadena. The Granddaddy of the All. No game invokes more pageantry than this. This was the site where my love for this sport was born.

#3 - Beaver Stadium

Night game White Out asterisk here. Put it on the list. Also, total misnomer that their stadium is named Beaver stadium... Bonus points if it’s a game against Michigan.

#4 - Autzen Stadium

It looks like a Phil Knight future dream. It plays like a freshly mowed green on a day in Augusta where the groundskeepers really want to stick it to Bubba Watson. Speed was born here, so the legend goes. Oh, and it only holds about 55,000. Next year, North Dakota State plays here, and I’d put good money on my butt being in one of those seats on Labor Day Weekend.

#5 - Red River Shootout

They hold this game at 11:00 Central time as a PUBLIC SAFETY service. It’s the Texas State Fair. Everything is fried. Creativity is fried. If you can’t go to the game, you listen to it all around you while eating some these foods.

On the list.

Honorable Mentions:

North Dakota State Home Playoff Game

The Oklahoma @ Army game next year. I might just have to quit my job and travel for football next year.

Washington - with the asterisk that somebody has to let me sailgate with them. I’m talkin’ champagne and charcuterie as long as I’m able to spell.

Washington State - with the caveat that it be snowing

Michigan home game - preferably against tOSU

The Wisconsin Notre Dame 2020 game that will be played at Lambeau... You kiddin me?

A game of questionable importance at Colorado. Honestly I’d probably just skip the game and do nature

OH [STYX] I FORGOT ARMY-NAVY. #1 pick revisited. Shift everything down it’s too late to change all of this. Bonus points if it’s snowing too.