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Technical Tidbits 9/12: Tech Finally Gets Some Good Waiver News

On the offensive line, not so much.

Furman v VMI
A picture of Bubba waiting for the waiver.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As Drew says in the article, transfer Bubba Parham will give this basketball team some much needed experience and offensive ability going into the season. This could be a pretty good team, and in a possible make or break year for coach Josh Pastner, he’ll take all of the offense he can get. It’s also nice for a Tech player to get a waiver approved, as the last few weeks have not been kind to the Jackets.

Injuries are never good, but when they happen to one of your most thin positions depth-wise, that makes them even worse. Luckily, the Jackets are playing against FCS Citadel this weekend, meaning that their defensive line shouldn’t be as good as Clemson’s week one. Either way, it would be nice for them to recover quickly and effectively. Heal up, Jackets!

Charlie Thomas had himself a game Saturday against USF, recording 9 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble. Thomas also received the ACC Linebacker of the Week award on Monday, giving testament to his efforts. This article gives even more evidence for his work ethic and playing ability, and is worth a read. Keep it up Charlie!

Thomas is getting all of the love this week. Hopefully he’ll continue to live up to the hype he’s been getting, and will help to anchor the Jacket defense as they continue the season.

Last week, it was a tank top. This week it’s a flag. Next week it’ll be a bandanna, and eventually there will be some GT x ATL underwear.

Question of the Day: What type of giveaway promotion would you like to see Georgia Tech run?