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Technical Tidbits 9/10: Tech Linebacker Named ACC Linebacker Of The Week

Charlie Thomas selected as ACC Linebacker of the Week; swimming and diving team adds new assistant coach; Roddy Jones provides insights on Tech’s offense.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

For week two, the ACC Linebacker of the Week was Yellow Jacket sophomore linebacker Charlie Thomas. Thomas had a huge game last week against South Florida. Just considering the two sacks he got last week alone, it’s no surprise he was chosen. Tech’s defense will need as many difference makers as possible to step up at crucial moments, and Thomas appears to be that type of player. He’s already got four sacks after two games. This is definitely a player we’ll be hearing about again.

Georgia Tech’s swimming and diving team has added a new coach. Francisco Rego was announced as a new assistant coach yesterday by head coach Courtney Shealy Hart. Rego has quite an impressive resume, so his addition to the coaching staff should have a positive impact. Welcome to The Flats!

Here’s some interesting GT related Tweets:

Look at this impressive catch by former Yellow Jacket and current Oakland Raider Darren Waller. This is from last nights Monday night game. #ProJackets

Before looking ahead to the Citadel, here’s a Tweet that will allow you to relish Saturday’s victory a little bit more.

It’s game week! #GoJackets

Former Yellow Jacket and current ACC Network analyst Roddy Jones offered his take on Tech’s offense. I can imagine a lot of Tech fans are at least moderately concerned about the offense considering its performance on Saturday. 14 points likely won’t cut it in some of the games coming up. But Jones puts forth some reasonable arguments why there’s no need to really panic.

As he points out, the offense does need to figure out its identity and two games likely isn’t enough time to do that. It will be interesting to continue watching the process as they do just that. Jones was here for CPJ’s first year, so he understands the difficulties that come with learning a new offensive system. What are your thoughts about Tech’s offense?