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Technical Tidbits 8/7: Georgia Tech Football Adds a Staff Member

A possible transfer as well.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Temple Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Oftentimes, offensive and defensive adviser hires are made to give the hire experience for a couple of seasons and to help teach the rest of the coaching staff some new things. In my opinion this is a great hire for the football team, as Ostrowsky seemed to have done some good things with quarterback Shane Morris in 2017 while the offensive coordinator for Central Michigan. The article also gives some pleasing statistics from Ostrowsky’s time as head coach at Northern Michigan, breaking school records with quarterback Shaye Brown. We can only hope that Ostrowsky will continue his good track record with quarterbacks at Tech, because passer development will be key for some kind of transition or something that’s happening on offense.

From all that I’ve heard, Geoff Collins is loved by his players. This article helps to reaffirm that consensus as it discusses how Collins and the coaching staff don’t just put players down, they pick them up. Striking the right balance between praise and criticism is very tough, especially with college students, and the ability to do so can be the difference between a team with a winning record and a team with a losing record.

Anytime highly touted players out of high school transfer after a season or two at a college it’s a pretty big deal, as many people point to their potential and abilities when they’re put into a “good fit.” New Georgia Tech receiver Marquez Ezzard seems to think that Tech would be a good fit for former high school teammate Brenton Cox, as he suggested on Twitter for Cox to come to Tech. The only problem with Cox, besides first going to u(sic)ga, is that he has had a run in with the law. Hopefully he has been rehabilitated, or has learned from his actions. Although it’s a long shot, it would be very nice for the Jackets to pick up this former five-star recruit.

For the past few years the GTAA has had a great program to help give youth a sporting experience in the Atlanta area. The program will provide free tickets to The Citadel game this year to various youth organizations, and for $12 dollars you can help provide those tickets. This is a great opportunity to help out the lives of students, and who knows, the next Georgia Tech legend could be in the stands because of your donation.

Yellow Jacket Alley is getting a makeover before the season starts. I can’t wait for the Fall.

Question of the Day: If Brenton Cox does decide to transfer to Tech, would you have a problem with his arrest for marijuana possession earlier this year?