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Technical Tidbits 8/28: Collins Molding Yellow Jackets’ Future Leaders

Juanyeh Thomas among Tech players to take on a leadership role; news from tennis and cross country teams and more.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Duke at Georgia Tech Photo by Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

From this article, it’s apparent that Juanyeh Thomas is a great example of the leadership skills that head coach Geoff Collins’ is so effective at recognizing and developing. Physical talent is crucial to playing competitively at the collegiate level, but it’s often the non-tangible skills that can allow a player to elevate their game to a higher level. I expect there are several other players on the Yellow Jackets’ roster who have been motivated to hone these types of skills. The opening game against Clemson will be as much a mental challenge as it will be a physical one. It seems the offseason has presented a great opportunity for players like Thomas to make the needed improvements that allow them to meet these kind of challenges.

Tech’s offensive line has made some significant improvements over the offseason. A lot of this is due to assistant head coach and offensive line coach Brent Key. Being able to read defenses is an important skill that Key has helped instill in Tech’s lineman. This should factor heavily in how well they do. The offensive line will be one unit that will be crucial to the team’s success this year.

The Yellow Jackets’ men’s tennis team released its schedule for the 2019-2010 season yesterday. Their schedule opens in late September in Athens, Georgia for the UGA Invitational. It will include 10 teams from last season’s NCAA tournament. It seems that it’s going to be a fairly challenging schedule. I’m sure they will do fine. #GoJackets

This is fairly impressive: “Georgia Tech women’s cross country ranks No. 3 in the first NCAA DI Cross Country Regional Rankings”. That’s the highest preseason ranking in the team’s history. Their season begins this Saturday as they travel to Athens for the Bulldog Invitational. Good luck to them as they open their season!

I’m not sure how accurate some of this information is, but I thought I’d include this article as it includes some live sports streaming sites and options that I hadn’t considered. Of course, by now I imagine you’ve figured out how you will be watching tomorrow’s game.