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Mailbag 8/28

We talk fried chicken and mortgages!

Disneyland’s Fried Chicken Photo by Jeff Gritchen/Orange County Register via Getty Images

What’s your prediction of what Tech will run as the first offensive play of this new era?

Ben: RPO

Andrew: I think we throw the ball.

Carter: But only after starting in the flexbone before shifting formations.

Chris: Deep ball down the sideline.

Akshay: R O C K E T T O S S.

Do we know what uniforms Tech will wear?

Ben: Glad you asked!

Andrew: I think it’s gold helmets, white tops, and gold pants.

Carter: I’ll be surprised if it’s not gold/white/gold, with the depressing footnote that it doesn’t look like Tech’s uniforms will have changed at all from last year. Remember when we thought adidas would treat Tech better than Russell did?

Akshay: Looks like it’s gonna be gold helmets, white jerseys (gold numbers), and gold pants.

Is Pressley Harvin III a candidate for Heisman?

Ben: Pressley Harvin? I think you mean Pressley Heisman. (I stole that from the FTRS Slack, so h/t to whoever said that)

Carter: As long as you believe it in your heart, then yes, he is.

Chris: I am super down to take part in a massive viral marketing campaign to make this happen.

Akshay: Should we start it up, Crees?

Did anyone just signed up for a free trial so that they can watch the Tech game? I plan to sign up for Youtube TV as a free trial (I believe it’s a 5-day free trial) and then cancel after it’s over.

Andrew: I actually use YouTube TV, but I used to create email address to sign up for PlaystationVUE, so I could get CBS Sports Network so I could watch Army & Navy games.

Carter: I’m still mad at myself for not switching last August, when YTTV was running a promotion for a free month trial. I was already streaming before signing up, so this is a permanent switch for me.

After the game on Saturday the University of Florida marching band was met by angry ’Canes fans resulting in their band director getting chokeslammed to the sidewalk trying to keep his band members out of any altercations. Over-under on dumb things UM fans/players do that reinforce our vitriol towards that fanbase (and potentially their football program)?

Ben: Look at Carter’s answer below.

Carter: The answer is yes.

Chris: They fully support touchdown knuckles, and I am struggling to come up with anything that would make me hate them more.

Thoughts on Uncle Lou?

Carter: I had to look this guy up because I realised I was thinking of Uncle Luke instead. He’s, what, uga Alex Jones?

Bigger upset: 2018 Old Dominion over VPI or 2019 GT over Clemmons

Ben: I’d say GT over Clemson because I think they’re that much better than Tech compared to how good VPI is over Old Dominion.

Akshay: GT over Clemson, by far.

Given that CGC is set to lead GT to incredible heights over the next few years, how will we characterize CPJ’s tenure when we look back from 2029?

Ben: I’d say more fondly than O’Leary.

Andrew: More fondly than Gailey, about along the lines of O’Leary.

Carter: Johnson accomplished more than O’Leary, but my guess is people will just look at the numbers (O’Leary has a higher winning percentage) and ignore any outside context (like Tech’s football spending remaining stagnant while several opponents invested millions into their programs).

Chris: I’m actually kinda torn on this. Personally I hope/think we’ll look back fondly and see how well he did in a difficult situation, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if CGC success leads to “well we shoulda done this earlier”. My gut feeling is that people that are fans of his will become even bigger fans and haters of his will become even bigger haters. He’s kind of an inherently polarizing guy so I’m not sure we as a fanbase will ever be able to agree on a legacy.

You want white meat or dark meat with your sweet tea and unsweetened CAWNbraid (or cathead bizkit)?

Ben: Dark meat. Always.

Andrew: Dark meat, it just tastes better.

Carter: When I order my Nashville hot chicken, it’s always the leg & thigh quarter, so dark meat for me. I have never consumed sweet tea and don’t particularly care to.

Chris: gonna play my depressing Boston card again real quick: I don’t get much of any of this stuff :(. I found a restaurant recently that sold sweet tea in a mason jar and I think I had like 5 glasses. For cornbread, I make my own according to Sean Brock’s recipe and I cannot recommend it enough. Usually I go white meat.

With the caveat that this isn’t going to happen, no one should get their hopes up, it would take all of these plus a Clemson first string bus flat tire, etc. etc. etc., IF somehow Tech pulls off the upset Thursday night, is it more likely to happen because

1) our defense channels the 2014 game and scores more than our offense due a sloppy
turnover-prone Clemson offense, or

2) our offense moves the ball effectively, especially on the ground, against a Clemson
front seven struggling to replace several players lost to the NFL draft?

Ben: Number 2, definitely. Trevor Lawrence is a WHOLE lot better than Cole Stoudt.

Andrew: I think 2 is more possible. I don’t think the Clemson offense is going to skip a beat and Trevor Lawrence is the real deal.

Carter: Cole Stoudt threw three interceptions in that 2014 game, whereas Trevor Lawrence threw four all of last season. Wouldn’t count on 1 happening even if it is the first game of the season.

Chris: Probably #2. I think our defense certainly has to ball out to even give us a chance, but I also think any win would be on the backs of a surprisingly strong offense.

Akshay: #2 is infinitely more likely than #1. I’ve heard this statement about newly-minted US Open Cup champions Atlanta United a couple times this year and I think it’s apt here for Clemson: they have enough talent on offense to [Beastie Boys] their way to wins.

I’ve seen the Tech Moneyline between +4000 and +9500, should I take out a 2nd mortgage on my house to bet on Tech so that when we pull off the upset, I am rich?

Ben: I wouldn’t recommend it.

Carter: as a fellow mortgage owner, I get queasy just thinking of that. Please don’t.

Akshay: Do not take financial advice from your bookie.