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Monday Musings 8/27: New Season New Me

oh the times they are a changin’

NCAA Football: Virginia at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports
and we back and we back and we back and we bak

Hey y’all, welcome to another season of musings. This year I’m gonna try something different, something I hope will be better (I mean, duh, why else would I do it). Rather than me waxing poetic about random stuff on a weekly basis I’m going to stick to a much more standardized format.

Each week I’ll bring you several consistent small sections (think “X of the Week” style), plus one longer-form deep dive into a different topic. While both parts will mostly revolve around Georgia Tech football (duh), I will also stray into college football at-large subjects. I’m hoping this shift will allow me to consolidate my thoughts a little better and provide a much more readable experience for all y’all out there.

Oh, I almost forgot: I’ll also be transitioning to publishing on Tuesdays. Obviously this will make the moniker “Monday Musings” very false, and while not-entirely-correct column names aren’t unheard of here at FTRS (lookin’ at you M?M?BP), I will in fact be thinking of a name that is more accurate to the weekday of publication. Please drop your suggestions in the comments; I’m open to almost anything (except Columny McColumnface).

So join me on Tuesdays at noon this season if you are interested in things like:

  • Stats
  • Haikus
  • Things I think are Above The Line
  • Uniform talk
  • #404Culture
  • My general thoughts on the state of our college football universe
  • Various other things that I don’t want to give away yet