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Technical Tidbits 8/21: Georgia Tech Football Gets More Bad News

This is not good news to receive just over a week before the season opener.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 26 Quick Lane Bowl - Minnesota v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In addition to yesterday’s news that Georgia Tech transfers Antonneous Clayton and Myles Sims would not be granted eligibility waivers by the NCAA, today it was announced that wide receiver transfer Marquez Ezzard would not be granted an NCAA waiver. This is one of the biggest transfer blows for the Jackets, as Ezzard was a four-star wide receiver coming out of high school and would’ve provided much needed experience at that position for the Jackets this year. Hopefully, the team will use these three denials as motivation during the upcoming season, and will keep their heads up as they go to face Clemson next Thursday.

Geoff Collins seems pretty confident in the fact that (now all three) waiver requests should’ve been granted by the NCAA. All three players would’ve made an immediate impact for the Jackets at their positions, and hopefully the appeals process will be a short one, if Georgia Tech can prove the merits of their cases. Even if the players’ appeals are denied, it would still be nice if the process is short so that the coaching staff will have one less thing to worry about as Tech begins the season.

Continuing with the waiver talk, this article could set up some legal conflict between Myles Sims and family and the University of Michigan. If what the Sims’ family contends is true, that Michigan used the wrong reasons for Sims’ transfer in their statement to the NCAA, some sort of litigation could happen. I am almost certain that no one on either side wants the situation to get that serious, so look for the record to be set straight between Michigan and the family during the appeals process.

The article above helps to shed some light on Coach Collins’ “Above the Line” philosophy. I personally had never heard the story of the ECU (they probably meant WCU) defensive back until I read the article, so it was nice to see where the roots of the idea started to take place. At the bottom of the article, it gave a little snippet about the kicking competition between Wesley Wells and Brenton King, which was nice to get insight into. Because despite what many think, the kicker position has not been officially locked down by Wesley Wells.

For Andy Ogletree, being able to share his experiences and to learn something from one of the top golfers of the past 20 years is extremely special. These are some great perks when you win the U.S. Amateur and go to Georgia Tech. I’m sure that Ogletree learned many things from Matt Kuchar and Bobby Jones IV at the East Lake Golf Club, and will put those good lessons to use for the rest of his Tech, and hopefully professional, career.

Demand your provider carry the ACC Network! Even though we’ve all had to suffer through numerous ads that tell us to call our TV providers, the ACC Network will still be a really neat addition for Georgia Tech and colleges as a whole. It will give more of a spotlight to the oft-overlooked parts of college sports, and will be able to give more inside information throughout the ACC.

I 100% recommend reading the older Jake’s Yellow Jacket Roundup this week. It is one of the best articles that I have ever read on the website, and does a wonderful job of telling what sports mean to every athlete at Georgia Tech, from football to club lacrosse. If you are looking for a great article to not only get you in the spirit for all college sports, but to also give you an insight into the lives and motivation for all athletes, this is for you. I found a personal connection to this article, because I play golf at my school. We don’t get the type of love that football and basketball gets, but it means more to me than any other sport at the school and has given me extremely valuable life lessons. Lessons that I don’t think I could’ve gotten anywhere else. Jake helped put those feelings into perspective with his writing this week, and helped make me realize what golf has taught me and given to me over the years. Thanks for this Jake. It’s well worth a read.

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on the waiver situation?